My Love for Louis

When Rachel goes to the One Direction concert, she meets the love of her life. Louis Tomlinson. She was living the life till something unexpected happens to her. Will Rachel and Louis work everything out? Or will they bite the dust? Follow their love story while they try to make the best of the unexpected.


53. Unwanted visitors

After we all finished eating, we all went and hung out in the living room. Lottie, Fizzie, Daisy, and Phoebe were in the backyard playing on our basketball court. The boys were sitting on the floor with Stella. Johanna and my dad were sitting on the couch. Angela, Kristen, and Jeremy were sitting on the couch too. Perrie and Danielle were sitting in Zayn and Liam's laps on the floor. I was sitting in Louis' lap with them. We all were talking about almost everything. My dad and Johanna were getting to know each other since they never really meet. Danielle was telling us about some gigs she has this year for dancing. Perrie was talking about her band, Little Mix. I was just listening to everyone having a good time. The door bell rang,so I got up to get it but Louis got up and grabbed my arm, "I'll get it, honey." I sit down and continue talking. I hear Louis opening the door, "Hello, may I help you?" The people outside started yelling, "Where is she?! Where's Rachel?!" I turn around really fast when I recognize their voices. I get up really fast and run toward the door. Standing there, is my mum and her boyfriend. The people who abused me, the people who I ran away from, the people who I hate. Louis never knew who my mum was, but he could tell by my face that she was my mum. He tried closing the door on them but they stormed in the house, "We'll, there's the bitch?!" I clench my fists in balls, "How the hell did you find me?" They snicker at me, "We saw you on that talk show. We found out where he lives and came here?!" They were pointing at Louis when they said that. I put an evil smile on my face, "I'm surprised you actually paid your tv bill to be able to watch it?!" My mum didn't think that was funny. She slapped me across the face, making a loud smack sound. I could hear everyone behind me gasp. I grab my face, "Don't you dare touch me?!" She pointed her gross boney finger in my face, "I can touch you when ever I want, you prick?!" She looks around and notices my dad, "I see that your useless father is here?!" I push her out of my face, "Your the useless one?! Not dad?!" She looked at me with an angry face, "Who the hell do you think you are?! Now that you have a rich little boyfriend, you think you can talk to your mother like that?!" I clench my fists, hard enough where my nails are cutting into my palms, "What mother?! You were never my mother?! Your just white trash?!" Her boyfriend got into the conversation, "You little bitch?! I never liked you?!" I cross my arms across my chest, "And I've always hated you, bastard?!" Before I knew it, I was being punched in the jaw. I fell to the floor. Louis ran over to me and picked me up. I saw Danielle and Perrie run upstairs with Stella and Lyric and Melody. My dad run over and helped me up. He turned toward my mum, "Why would you do that?!" My mum walked up to him, "Because you left me, for that slut?!" She was pointing at Angela. My dad slapped her finger away, "Don't you talk about her that way?! I left you because you were a drugatic?!" My mum pushed him out of the way. She came towards me and pushed me to the ground. She punched Louis on his cheek, multiple times. I scream out, "LEAVE HIM ALONE?!" She came over to me and started kicking me in the gut, "Shut up?!" I started crying in pain. I started coughing up blood on the floor. She crouched down by me and pulled out a knife to my throat. Louis screamed out, "DON'T YOU TOUCH HER?!" Her boyfriend punched him in the stomach, and held him away from me, making sure he doesn't run away. I look around and the boys were gone, in the kitchen. I could hear Harry on the phone with the police. Johanna, Angela, Kristen,and Jeremy were on the couch, terrified. My dad was on the ground, knocked out. I started hysterically crying. I couldn't hold it in any longer. I know that my mum has hated me for a long time and now she has me where she wants me, terrified for my life. She puts the blade near my throat, "You can't run away from mommy now?!" I squeeze my eyes shut to hide the tears, "Please....Stop." She starts laughing and put the knife down on my throat, cutting through. I scream out in pain. She stops when she hears the police sirens. She stands up fast, "Who the hell called them?!" Harry and the boys rush in. She turns toward them, "Was it you?!" She points the knife that's covered in my blood at them. They notice the blood at look at me, noticing my throat. Harry covers his mouth with his hand, trying to stop himself from screaming. Niall had tears rolling down his eyes. They walk over to the couch with the others and tell them what they did. I look over at Louis, who is crying and screaming. I notice his eyes are blood shot and that his face is wet with tears. The police barges in and notices me on the ground. They call ambulance in while they handcuff my mum and her boyfriend. Louis runs over to me and covers my throat with his shirt. I start coughing up blood again. Louis bends down and puts his face by my ear, "Stay with me, Rachel! Don't die on me?!" That's the last thing I heard while I started drifting off.
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