My Love for Louis

When Rachel goes to the One Direction concert, she meets the love of her life. Louis Tomlinson. She was living the life till something unexpected happens to her. Will Rachel and Louis work everything out? Or will they bite the dust? Follow their love story while they try to make the best of the unexpected.


17. Twitter hate and a dinner date

When we were in the car to go back to his mum's house, the radio talk show host was talking about One Direction. He also talked about the pictures of me and Louis. He said I was probably his girlfriend. But his stupid co-host said I was a dirty skank who had a one night stand. I was so mad. Louis turned the radio off and pulled over the car. I was almost in tears. He reached over and held me in his arms, "It's okay sweetheart. We'll clear this all up on the interview." he said kissing my head. We sat there for awhile until starting back on the road. I played on Louis' phone for awhile. A twitter notification poped up. I looked at his twitter. All over his newsfeed is the picture of us. All I see is hate as well. I got so mad, I just threw the phone in my lap and never looked at it again. When we got to the house I was thrilled to see everyone watching Finding Nemo. I love Disney movies! I'm a freaking seventeen year old! Of course I love Disney movies?! I bet it's weird for Lottie, having her 21 year old brother date a girl that's three years older than her. But she seems to like me. Tomorrow I'm taking the girls shopping while Louis visits some high school friends. Johanna is taking us all to dinner tonight and I can't wait. Today has been a good day except for the hate. I went upstairs to get ready for dinner. I was curling my hair with a curling iron when Louis came in the bathroom. He wrapped his arms around my waist from behind, resting his chin on my shoulder, "You look lovely." he said looking at me in the mirror. I turn my head around giving him a kiss on the cheek, "Thanks Hun." I said smiling. I finished curling my hair when Daisy and Phoebe came in, "Can you do our hair?" asks Daisy. "Of course!" I say sitting her on the counter. I got done curling both of their hair and started putting some makeup on them. I finally got some makeup on and slipped on a dress and put on some of my pumps. I go downstairs to find everyone wearing their Sunday best. We went to a fancy Italian restaurant. We were having great conversation and having a fun time. No one was coming up to us for Louis' autograph which made the night 100 times better. We finally went home and everyone went to bed. Except for Louis and I who were a little 'busy'.
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