My Love for Louis

When Rachel goes to the One Direction concert, she meets the love of her life. Louis Tomlinson. She was living the life till something unexpected happens to her. Will Rachel and Louis work everything out? Or will they bite the dust? Follow their love story while they try to make the best of the unexpected.


51. Sleep sounds good

Last night, Stella woke up four times. And since Louis and I had our "alone time", I only got four hours of sleep. Today, we are all going to the boys rehearsal with Simon Cowell. When I get up, I walk in the bathroom and put my hair in a high ponytail, not even caring about makeup. I put on some yoga pants and one of Louis' hoodies. I walk down the hall and check on Stella, sound asleep. I wish I was her right now. I go downstairs and find Louis making two bowls of cereal. He sets down the bowls at the table. He walks over and kisses my forehead, "Good morning, beautiful." I sit down at the table with him, "I sure don't feel beautiful this morning." I rub my eyes, trying to keep them open. He takes my hand and squeezes it, "It'll get better soon, I promise." I smile and take a bite of my cereal. We talk for awhile and eat, until I hear Stella crying. I laugh and get up, "Guess the princess has awakened." Louis laughs and continues eating. I walk upstairs into her nursery. I turn on the lamp and walk over to her crib. I look down at the precious little baby. It still hasn't kicked in that I'm a mommy. She's just to perfect, with her misty grey eyes, her light brown hair, and her cute little nose that looks like her daddy's nose. She looks a lot like Louis. I don't really see anything that looks like me. But, I like having her look like him. It's like I have two Louis' now. I pick her up and swaddle her in a blanket. I hold her close to my chest and kiss her on her head full of hair, "Good morning, princess." I rock her in my arms till she calms down. I walk downstairs into the kitchen. Louis stands up when I come in, "Here's my two princess's." He walks over and takes Stella out of my arms. I finish eating while he plays with her. When I'm done, I put up the dishes. Louis hands her to me, "I think she is hungry." I take her from, "Why do you think that?" He smiles and grabs his man boobs, "She kept biting my man boobies!" I laugh and sit down to nurse her. Louis gets a phone call and answers it. I hear Louis talking, "Hello?"---"Oh hey."---"Yeah, in like thirty minutes."---"Yeah we are bringing her."---"Cool. See you soon, lad." He hangs up and puts his phone in his pocket, "That was Harry. He was wondering when we were going up there." He sits down by me and rubs Stella's head, "She's so beautiful." I smile and look at Stella, "She's perfect." Louis kisses my cheek, "Your perfect." He goes upstairs to get dressed. I take Stella to her room. I lay her on herr changing table to get her dressed. I put her in a pink shirt that says, "I <3 My Daddy!" I put her in some jeans and some pink converse. I put a big white bow in her hair. I put her in her carrier and give her a blanket. I take her carrier downstairs. Louis comes down in a white shirt with tan pants. He grabs the carrier from me, "I'll carry her, sweetheart." I walk over and grab the diaper bag. I also grab her stroller. We both walk out to the car and put her in the back seat. I put her stroller in the trunk and go sit in the passenger seat. Stella falls asleep in the car. I look back there and see her sound asleep. I look at Louis, "Isn't she lucky?" He looks at me with a confused face, "How?" I point back there, "She gets to sleep all the time." He laughs at me then pats my leg, "She's a newborn, of course she does." I laugh and watch Louis pull into the parking lot of the recording studio. We get out and put her in her stroller. We walk in hand in hand, both pushing the stroller. When we get in, we check in to the front desk lady. She walks around to look at Stella, "Oh how precious! What's her name?" Louis finishes checking in, "Stella Marie Tomlinson." She walks back to her desk, "Well she sure does look like you, Louis." Louis smiles, "Thank you." We walk to the elevator and go to their floor. When we get there, all the boys are there, Danielle and Perrie are there, and the band is there. We walk up and everyone stands up and rushes over. Harry pushes Louis out of the way to see Stella, "God! She's so cute!" Louis pushes him out of the way, "Thanks lad, but next time, no pushing!" Harry laughs and walks over to me and grabs me in a hug, "You sure do look tired." I laugh into his chest, "Probably cause I got four hours of sleep last night." He pulls out of the hug, "Serious? Why?" Niall walks up before I can answer, "They were getting caught up on sex since they haven't in nine months?!" I punch him in the arm, "Niall?! We don't need to talk about that!" He starts laughing, "Are you serious? You guys seriously had sex?!" I start blushing and walk away. I walk over to Danielle and Perrie who are adoring Stella, "Hey guys." Danielle looks at me with a huge smile, "Rachel?! She is so precious!" I laugh and hug her, "Thanks!" We talk for awhile till the boys go into rehearsal. Louis walks up before we go in, "Lets go sweetie." I push the stroller in the recording room and sit on the couch with Danielle and Perrie. I take Stella out of the stroller. I hand her to Perrie and drink my coffee. We talk for awhile and finally Simon walks in, "Hello ladies." We all wave at him, "Hello Simon." Simon really scares me. And it shocked me when he reached down and grabbed Stella from Perrie and started talking baby talk. I laughed at him. He looks at me with a confused face, "Whats so funny?" I calm down and finally answer him, "Your so scary and your talking baby talk!" He laughs, "You think I'm scary?" Danielle pipes in, "All of England does?!" We sit and laugh and talk for awhile. The boys come out and sit with us. Harry takes Stella from Simon and plays with her. We sit and enjoy ourselves. We finally go home. Louis takes Stella from me, "Go take a nap, baby." I kiss him on the cheek, "Thank you, baby." I walk upstairs to our room. I slip into the soft bed. I lay my head on the pillow and instantly fall asleep. Mommy hood is tiring...
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