My Love for Louis

When Rachel goes to the One Direction concert, she meets the love of her life. Louis Tomlinson. She was living the life till something unexpected happens to her. Will Rachel and Louis work everything out? Or will they bite the dust? Follow their love story while they try to make the best of the unexpected.


60. Law and Order

We sat in the room together, just talking and getting to know Lauran. She was a nice girl. Her and Niall seem so happy together. He sat on the couch with her on his lap. They held hands the whole time, never letting go. They were so sweet. Everyone left afterwards, leaving me, Louis, and Stella alone. It was nice having it just us for awhile. I held Stella while she slept. Louis sat in the chair next to me, reading a magazine. I looked over at him, "Louis?" He looked up from the magazine, "Yes Rachel?" He put down the magazine and lend closer to me. I looked down at my sleeping baby in my arms, "What are we gonna do now?" He had a confused face, "What do you mean?" My eyes started watering, "What are we going to do about my mum? We are never going to be safe with her knowing where we live. What would happen if she hurts Stella? I can't bear to not know when we are safe or not." He brushed a piece of hair out of my face, "Love, she will never hurt us, trust me. They told me not to tell you cause you may freak out, but your mum is having to go to court soon. If she is proven guilty, she would be in prison for thirty years and by then, she may dead. They said you can testify your side of the story and your past, if you want to. You don't have to, honey." I sat there in shock for a few seconds, "I wanna do it. It's my chance to tell my story. To get her gone forever." He nods his head, "Alright, I'll call my lawyers later." I thought about an idea I've had in my head for awhile, "Can you do me a favor, Louis?" He held my hand, "Anything, Rachel." I squeezed his hand tighter when I said this, "Can you ask if I can see my mum in jail before court?" He had a confused face, "Why?" I took a deep breath, "I want to ask her why she would do all these things to hurt me. Like why she hated me so much? I'm just so confused about it all." He nodded his head, "Okay. I'll go call my lawyers. You need to get your rest, sweetheart." I nodded my head. He took Stella from me and put her in the stroller. He kissed my forehead, "Don't worry, it will all be over soon. Sweet dreams." He started to push the stroller with him to the door. I smiled, "I love you, Louis." He turned around, "I will always love you, Rachel." He turned off the light and took Stella out in the hall with him. I heard him on the phone, talking to his lawyers. I slowly drifted off, into a deep sleep.
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