My Love for Louis

When Rachel goes to the One Direction concert, she meets the love of her life. Louis Tomlinson. She was living the life till something unexpected happens to her. Will Rachel and Louis work everything out? Or will they bite the dust? Follow their love story while they try to make the best of the unexpected.


22. It's going to be alright

I stood up quickly, wiping my tears away. I told Amber to go in the backyard so me and Louis can be alone. I walk in the living room and sit on the couch. Louis walks through the front door with a big smile. He notices my serious face and his smile fades, "Is something wrong love?" he asks walk towards me. I motion him to sit by me. He sits by me and turns toward me. I look at him in the eyes and just seeing them make me tear up again. He wipes away my tears. I finally decide what to say. "Louis, I'm pregnant...." I say watching his face turn from happiness to shock. I start bawling, "I'm so sorry Louis." I say through the tears. He hold me in his arms. "It's going to be alright Rachel." he says hugging me close. I could hear in his voice that he was as scared as I am. I finally stop crying and text Amber. I told her to come in and she can go home. In two minutes she comes in. She hugs me goodbye and leaves. I cuddle up with Louis on the couch. He starts talking about our little family we are going to have soon. Listening to him made me happy. He is going to be a great daddy.
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