My Love for Louis

When Rachel goes to the One Direction concert, she meets the love of her life. Louis Tomlinson. She was living the life till something unexpected happens to her. Will Rachel and Louis work everything out? Or will they bite the dust? Follow their love story while they try to make the best of the unexpected.


42. Interview with you

In the car, we jammed out to Coldplay. We laughed with each other, realising how weird we are. But, we are weird together, and that makes us 100x better for each other. I get a text from, Liam: "I hope you two have fun at your interview! Just be yourself, they'll love you!:)xx" I show Louis the text. He starts laughing, "That cheeky boy!" I laugh at Louis, I text Liam back, "Thanks Liam! And I hope they do like me! See you soon!:)xx" I put my phone in my clutch when we pulled up into the studio. When we walk in, hand in hand, the front desk lady greets us with an over excited smile. She was about Louis' age, I guess she was a huge fan and is fangirling right now. She led us to the green room, where we have to wait for the interview. She leaves the room and we sit on the couch. I lean back, I was uncomfortable, Stella has been kicking me all day. Louis grabs my hand, "Are you okay, love?" I shook my head. He leans closer to me, caressing my cheek, "What's wrong?" I look over at him, his eyes show concern. "Stella has been kicking all day and she's making me uncomfortable." He rubs his thumb in circles on my hand, "If you want to go home, we can?" I sook my head, "No. I'll be fine, Hun." He rubs my belly, "Stella, you better stop kicking mommy. You're hurting your mommy." He kisses my belly after he finished talking to Stella. He sits there for awhile, just rubbing my belly. It's almost time for the interview. I touch up my makeup before we walk down the hall to the interview. When we walk in, everyone is running around to give us drinks and making sure we are ready. The camera counts down from five. 5..4..3..2..1..Host: "Hello and welcome to our special interview with Britian's favorite celeb couple, Louis Tomlinson and Rachel Baker!" The crowd applauded. Host: "And don't forget Baby Stella!" He points to my belly, I start blushing. Louis: "Its great to be here!" Me: "Hello!" Host: "So you two lovebirds, when is little Tomlinson gonna pop out?" We laugh. Me: "Two more months." Host: "Well, we are very excited! I bet all the Directioners out there have it on their calendars!" Louis: "We are excited too! And I bet they do too!" Host: "Well, Rachel, I have a personal question for you." Me: "Alright, ask away." Host: "We know that you recently got back together with your dad, what happened to make you guys not talk to each other for twelve years?" I sit there for awhile not wanting to answer the question. Louis squeezes my hand, trying to tell me to answer. Me: "Well, um, my dad left my mum, when I was six. He left her cause she did, uh, bad things. He didn't take me with him, even though she did, uh, bad things. We saw each other at a grocery store, I was very upset with him. We talked it over at dinner. We worked things out, he is now happily married with a step-daughter. I have meet them and they are very nice and I see them as my family." I refused to tell him about how my mum is a drugatic. Host: "Was it hard to live with your mum?" Me: "It was very hard to live with her. She is a horrible woman and I'm glad that I'm out of that house. Louis was the one who helped me run away. She probably doesn't know where I am." Host: "Is it a hard subject to talk about?" Me: "Definently! My childhood was ruined and I was exposed to things kids my age shouldn't know about. It's a hard topic for me, cause I know that my mom used to be a good person." I start to tear up, but I don't let any tears fall. Host: "Well, I bet it's very hard for you. But now, look at you! You're dating a celebrity and expecting your first child! Your living life great!" Me: "Thank you." The interview continues with him asking us questions about our relationship, like how hard it was while he was on tour, how we meet, and about Stella. When the interview ends, we walk to the car. When I get in the car, I break down, letting the tears fall. Because, I know that my mum is out there, probably dead, and I don't even know. She used to be a good person, but now she is a messed up woman. Louis wraps his arms around me, rubbing my back. I dig my head in his chest, letting the tears stream down my damp face. He rocks me in his arms, knowing why I'm crying. He kisses my head, "It'll be alright, sweetie." I look up at him, still crying. He kisses my forehead, "I'll always be here for you." I sit there, letting him hold me. He made me feel complete, like we were puzzle pieces that fit perfectly. He was my other half, the one I knew I would love, forever and always. After awhile, I calm down and wipe my tears away. He starts driving home. I look at his shirt that has my makeup smeared all over it, "Sorry I got makeup on your shirt." He looks at his shirt, "Oh well. I never really liked this shirt, but I do like you." He reaches over and grabs my hand. I leans over and kiss him on the cheek and whisper in his ear, "I love you." I lay my head on his shoulder, letting it all soak in. He kisses my head, "I love you too, my love, forever and always, till I die."
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