My Love for Louis

When Rachel goes to the One Direction concert, she meets the love of her life. Louis Tomlinson. She was living the life till something unexpected happens to her. Will Rachel and Louis work everything out? Or will they bite the dust? Follow their love story while they try to make the best of the unexpected.


44. Hangover

When I wake up, I hear Louis puking in the bathroom. I walk in the bathroom to see him hanging over the toilet. I walk over there and sit on the bathtub wall. He left his head up and looks at me, "How much did I drink last night?" I rub his back when he bends back over the toilet to continue puking, "Alot, sweetheart!" He finishes and flushes the toilet. He leans his back on the wall. I sit by him on the floor, "Does your head hurt?" He rest his head on my shoulder and nods his head. I kiss his head, "I'm sorry, honey. Do you want me to get you some pain reliever?" He lifts his head and nods. I kiss his forehead and get up. I walk in the living to find Harry awake, drinking water. Everyone was still asleep. I walk over to him and grab the medicine, "How are you feeling?" He rubs his face, "I had a lot to drink last night. I feel like crap." I giggle and rub his back. He takes another drink, "Is Louis awake?" I give him some medication to take, "Yeah he was puking, I'm getting him some pain reliever." He starts laughing, "Poor guy! That sucks!" I walk to the bathroom and give him the medicine, "Here you go, baby boy." He takes it and smiles, "Thanks love." We sit in the bathroom for awhile. Later we get up and walk to the living room. Everyone is up now. Everyone is taking medicine. I couldn't help but laugh. I notice that Niall is in one of the bathrooms, puking. I go to the kitchen and make everyone tea. We all sit down and watch X-Factor. The boys sit there, criticing everyone. We spend the day just watching tv, and staying quiet. Louis and I cuddle on the couch, holding each other close. I look up at him, "Your breath smells like puke." He looks down at me, "That's gross. Sorry." I mess with his hair, "It's okay, sweetie." I kiss him on the cheek. We sit there all day. It was great...
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