My Love for Louis

When Rachel goes to the One Direction concert, she meets the love of her life. Louis Tomlinson. She was living the life till something unexpected happens to her. Will Rachel and Louis work everything out? Or will they bite the dust? Follow their love story while they try to make the best of the unexpected.


43. Drunken night

When we get home, I go upstairs to shower. In the shower, I think about my mum. I think about how she ruined my life, and how she may be dead and I don't even know. I stop thinking about her being dead when I notice the tears forming in my eyes. I jump out of the shower and walk into the living room to grab my brush. I see Louis on the phone, talking to Liam. I walk by to get the brush. They are talking about a party? What party? I stop by Louis to wait till he gets off the phone. When he hangs up, I look at him, "What were you talking about?" He puts the phone in his pocket, "That was Liam. He is having a party tonight and was wondering if we wanted to go. You in?" I grab his hand, "Of course! I wouldn't miss a legendary Liam party for nothing!" He chuckles and pulls me closer, "Great." He starts kissing me down my neck. I decide to tease him, "I just noticed that I'm only in a towel." He continues to kiss my neck, "I'm fine with that." I laugh and pull away and walk upstairs to get dressed. Louis walks in and sits on the bed. I pull out two dresses, "Louis, which one should I wear, the purple one or the red one?" He sits there staring at the dresses, "Um, the red one." I look at him, "But the red one makes me look fat." He rolls his eyes playfully, "Then the purple one." I smile and go to the bathroom to get dressed. When I come back he is getting undressed. I walk over to him, "Can you zip me up?" I spin around and hold up my hair. He zips up my dress. I turn around and kiss him on the cheek, "Thanks, love." He pulls on his pants, "Anything for my princess!" I go back in the bathroom to curl my hair and put on my makeup. I slip on my black wedges and go downstairs. Louis is patiently sitting, waiting for me. He stands up and walks me to the car, opening the car door for me. In the car, I was getting heart burn. Ugh! Right now in my pregnancy is so uncomfortable! I sat there grabbing my chest to get rid of the pain. Louis looked at me with concern, "Are you okay, princess?" I shook my head, "Heartburn." He rubs my hand, "I'm sorry, sweetie. Can I do anything for you?" I shook my head, "I'll be fine, Louis." He grabbed my hand, "Okay but if you ever want to go home, then just tell me, alright honey?" I nod and kiss him on the cheek, "Thanks Louis." We soon pull up to Liam and Danielle's house. The driveway was filled with cars. You could hear the music from the backyard. We walk to the front door and walk in. We see the boys sitting on the couch having drinks. We walk over there. Harry stands up, "Now it's a party?!" He hugs Louis then walks over to me, "I don't even know if I can hug you, your getting so big! Uh, in a good way!" I laugh and pull him in a hug. Harry and I were really close. I wanted him to be Stella's god-father really bad. Liam and Danielle stand up. Liam hugs Louis, "Glad you guys could come at such short notice!" He hugs me while I say, "We wouldn't miss it for the world!" Danielle runs up and grabs my belly, "Oh my goodness! Baby Stella is going to be here any day now!" I pull her in a hug, "Just two more months!" I haven't seen her in so long. Perrie ran over and hugged me. Zayn soon followed. We talked to them for a while. We went and sat down by Harry and Niall. Niall hugged me when I sat down, "Hey prego!" I laugh and mess with his hair, "Hey blondie!" He laughed and took another sip of his drink. We all sat there laughing and they drank while I drank water. Liam looked over at me, "So how was the interview?" Harry turned to me, "Yeah how was it?" I look at Louis, "It was good... But he talked about some touchy subjects for me." Zayn looked at me with a puzzled face, "Like what?" I fiddle with my dress, "My mum and my past." Harry rubs my back. He really made me feel better. I look at them all, "But I'm better now. I'm just ready to have some fun!" Louis wraps his arm around my shoulders, "How about we go for a swim?" I look at him with a huge smile, "Yes!" Everyone looked at us with grins on their faces. I went to the car to get my bathing suit. It was a cute purple two piece. I really didn't care if I was seven months pregnant?! I'm still gonna look my best in a two piece! I slip on my coverup and walk out to the pool. Everyone they invited was out here. There was people that I didn't even know. I walk over to the boys and sit on the edge of the pool with my feet in the pool. Louis was on the diving board. He looked over to me and waved. I waved back before he dove in. He swam over to me and rested his head in my lap. I messed with his wet hair, combing my fingers through it. We sat there for a while, until we hear a loud voice scream, "CANNONBALL?!" Shortly after, we see Harry running towards the pool. He jumps in and does a cannonball. He comes up laughing. We all start laughing at him. He swam over to us and leaned on the pool wall, "So how was that?" I mess with his wet curls, "I give it a seven!" He looks at me shocked, "What?! A seven?!" I laugh and shrug, "Your toes weren't pointed!" He puts on a puppy dog face. I pinch his lips and start laughing at him, "Sorry curly!" He starts laughing then swam over to Niall. Louis looks back at me with a cute smile, "You two are crazy!" I look at him with a puzzled face, "And you aren't?!" He starts laughing then he grabs my hand, "You should get in. The water's great!" I lean down and kiss him on the lips, "Okay. I'll go take off my coverup." I stand up and walk over to a chair and took off my coverup to reveal my baby bump and two piece swimsuit. I walk over to the stairs to the pool. I hear some wolf whistles in the pool. I turn my head in that direction to see the boys whistling at me. I laugh at them. They are so weird, oh my gosh?! I get in and swim over to them. The girls were with them too. When I stand by Louis, he puts his arm around my waist. Harry looks at me with a huge grin, "Your probably the hottest pregnant person ever!" Louis pipes in, "Correction, she the most beautiful girl ever." I put my hand on his chest, "Aw! Thanks sweetie!" I reach up and kiss him. "Get a room you two?!" Niall yells. I splash him and hold up my middle finger, "If you say so?!" We all sit there swimming and talking, having a good time. After awhile we all go inside. When we go in, Niall screams out, "Who wants some shots?!" I point at my belly, "I don't!" He looks at me with a puppy dog face, "Aw! That's right! I'm sorry! We don't have to do shots if you don't want to be the only one not doing them?" I shrug, "You guys go right ahead!" They all grab a shot of vodka and drink it. After awhile, they get to their tenth shot. Niall stumbles around to grab the bottle, "Alright?! This is gonna be a big one so get ready?! Who wants one?!" I grab the bottle from him, "I think you guys have had enough." Niall throws himself to the ground, "No we haven't?!" I pick him up off the ground, "I think you have." I lay him down on the couch and walk back to the others. They are laughing and just being drunk. Louis leans his head on my shoulder, "I lo-.. I lov-..I love you." He stuttered while he spoke which made me laugh. Niall sits up, "HE LOVES YOU?!" I look over at him, "I know, I love him too." Louis looks up at me, "Aw! That's sweet!" After awhile everyone leaves, where it's just the boys and the girls and I. I set up a air mattress and put Zayn and Perrie on it for bed. I put Niall on the couch, I put Harry in the recliner,and put Liam and Danielle in their bed. I soon put Louis in the spare bedroom. He starts waking up but I tell him to go back to sleep. I go get barf bags and put them by everyone, knowing they will get hangovers. I got some pain reliever and put it on the counter with bottled water. I go to the spare bedroom where Louis is and lay by him. I soon drift off to sleep on the soft mattress. Yep... This was one of those drunken nights.
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