My Love for Louis

When Rachel goes to the One Direction concert, she meets the love of her life. Louis Tomlinson. She was living the life till something unexpected happens to her. Will Rachel and Louis work everything out? Or will they bite the dust? Follow their love story while they try to make the best of the unexpected.


65. Authors Note!:)

*Well, sadly this is the end. Thank you everyone for your love and support. Thank you for all your favorites and likes, KEEP THEM COMING! Haha! Well, thank you guys for your wonderful comments and thanks for reading. I really love all of you Directioners! I won't be making a sequel but I have another awesome book that everyone should read! I think it is way better than this one and I have many plans for it! It's called Love in Style, and it's a Harry fan fiction, full of drama! Favorite, like, and comment on it! I can't thank you all enough! If you want more amazing books to read look in my favorites and check out those awesome movellas. I hope everyone enjoyed this book! And I'm sorry if you are sad that it ended, but it was time to end it. Leave comments about the book and make sure you check out my other book. Well again thank you and I love you guys! Bye! Love, Ruby*
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