With a jolt I open my eyes, now aware of who I am. I am a reborn. I am a terrifying undead who's race is responsible for the great disasters of the past. I am immortal. I am unbeatable. I am unbearable. I am eternal. I am a blood sucker. I am a soul stealer. I am evil and I am their Queen!!


2. Hunger

The hunger is for souls. My thirst is for blood.
By night I am a ravenous animal. The monster under the bed perhaps. By day I am an alluring heart breaking soul stealer. That monster in your bed perhaps.
The more I feed. The more my sanity slowly comes back to me. Dripping into me like a blood from a cut...mmmmhh blood. Sanity is something that I do not require in my current state however feeding is appealing.
As my sanity slowly returns a short human messenger comes in. "She will see you now!" he chirps though I didn't hear a word. To me the drumming of his heart was much louder. His veins were clear on his neck if only I could...
I was picked up violently by two armed guards. I wonder where they are taking me...
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