With a jolt I open my eyes, now aware of who I am. I am a reborn. I am a terrifying undead who's race is responsible for the great disasters of the past. I am immortal. I am unbeatable. I am unbearable. I am eternal. I am a blood sucker. I am a soul stealer. I am evil and I am their Queen!!


1. Empty

I don't remember dying. In fact I don't remember much at all. My name and life is lost to me forever.
That's how it felt at first however that was soon replaced with a hunger... It sears through my veins instead of blood. My one memory, of which I despise, is the hollow feeling of life without this instinct. This initiative that keeps me going through the bad and the worse.
In payment for this my life was sacrificed. It wasn't her sacrifice to make. I'm sure if I had my memories I would protest. But I don't.
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