The Haunted House in New York

A girl called Kate moves to New York in the middle of spring. The house she moved into looks mysterious and as she sleeps at night all she could hear is a scream. It isn't long until she realizes that the house is haunted by a man and his family. The only people who could help her is TAPS a.k.a Ghost Hunters and her uncle Dustin Pari. With the help of the book he gave her and her knowledge of the house, she is able to drive the ghosts away.


1. Prologue

As Kate packed her bright, pink bag into the white Mondeo, she turned around to look at the huge house. As she sighed she thought, I can't believe that I am moving to New York, but Kate was not nervous she was excited. Who wouldn't like to live in the Big Apple, she can shop in the most popular shops such as Chanel.

"Honey come on, we need to get going before the traffic gets any worse", her mother Tanya yelled as she came out of the house. It was true, living in Florida was crazy as Florida was famous for its Disney theme park. Kate remembered when she was eight years old she went to Disneyland and got her picture taken with Mickey Mouse. Kate went into the car, she could smell the car smell, it was a rich rose smell, her mother loved roses, that is why she got the car freshener smell. The rose smell reminded Kate of her grandmother Theresa who always wore perfume that smelled of roses. As the car turned out of the driveway followed by the white moving lorry Kate looked back at the house, she saw the swing set that she used to play on every summer, but it was now covered in cobwebs, after all she was seventeen years old, the brown door was still open, weeds covered the grass and the top window had a small ceramic doll on it, Kate wanted to leave it behind as she hated it with the weird eyes staring at her all day long. The sun was shining against the car window as Kate pulled out a book called Ghost Hunting and began to read. She got the book from her uncle Dustin, who as a matter of fact was famous, as he starred in Ghost Hunters a TV show. It would only be a matter of hours until she arrived in New York. She couldn't contain her excitement.

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