Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


31. Tomorrow night

Sammi's POV

I was so scared. I was shaking like so bad. I couldnt handle it anymore. I walked up to my room. I saw a shape of a person and the person began to speak "Hello Sammi, long time no see. Come with me." I didnt know what to do. I was being my stupid self and actually following him. I felt a hand pull me back and cover my mouth. "Shhh...its just me...Zayn. Dont go." I licked his hand to get him to move...but he didnt. "Hope you enjoyed the taste" he whispered. I elbowed him in his stomach, and he let go. "Im sorry. Im just doing this to save you guys from suffering." I said and walked away with the figure. He led me out of my window and down the ledge. He duct taped my mouth shut with a kitty type design. I rolled my eyes and he led me to a car. He opened the door for me and he got in the drivers side. We drove for like 2 hours and then we stopped at an abandoned house. He led me inside and took the duct tape off quickly. I disnt screech in pain, but I did go up to him and slap him. "Bad mistake." he said to me and knocked me out.


Zayn's POV

I have to warn the others. I hope she has her phone in her bra. I ran down stairs causing me to skip a few steps and do the splits. "Help me." I said in pain. I finially got up in about like 20 minutes, and found the others in a circle playing truth or dare. "GUYS! SAMMI IS GONE! THERE WAS A SHADOW IN HER ROOM, AND HE TOLD HER TO FOLLOW HIM AND....YA!" I said about to cry. "Did you try and stop them?!" Liam asked me. "YA! BUT SHE TOLD ME THAT SHE HAD TO GO TO SAVE US FROM THE SUFFERING! WELL, I TRIED PULLING HER BACK, BUT SHE ELBOWED ME IN MY STOMACH!" I said holding my stomach. Liam got up and told me to call her cell phone. I did and he found out that she was at an abandoned house 2hours from here. But with Niall driving, we would probably make it in like an hour or so. We hurried up and packed knives and baseball bats. We were totally ready. We arrived there in 45minutes and we heard someone scream in pain. It was a girl. It was Sammi. We all rushed in and I saw Sammi in a chair with ropes tied around her. I saw a boy-scout little boy and I realised that he was the one who must have tied her up. I walked over to him "Hey, can you please untie my girlfirend please?" I asked. He shook his head. "What can I give you to get you to untie her?" I asked him. "I want $199.99. Then I will release her." he whispered. "Can I give you 300?" I asked. He nodded and untied her. I handed him the money and he ran out the door. I saw the figure standing right behind her and bam. He slapped her accross the face. "Who are you?! What do you want?!" I asked crying. "I am....."

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