Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


23. This is getting to out of hand, I will just choose

Sammi's POV

We were in the car, I sat in the middle between Louisa and Liam. I looked down to see Liam's hands just sitting their. I had no idea what to do. I grabbed his hand and he smiled, like an idiot. We arrived at the house with-in 30minutes. As we exited the car, I thought 'How about I just choose one?' I must have said it out loud, because I heard them all say in unison "Who?". "Well...honestly, let me think about it for the night. I am actually pretty tired." I replied as I was walking in the house. "Well, let me tuck you in." Liam said. Wow...first he saves me from the mobb and now he is going to tuck me in. I am so lucky. 'Maybe it is Liam' I thought to myself. As we walked up stairs, my pants began to fall down. As I was trying to pull them up and run up stairs, I tripped and fell on my face. "OM-G-OSH! Are you alright babe?" Liam asked me. "Ya...dont mind me im just kissing the stairs..." I replied "Ok...but seriously are you alright?" he asked me again concerned. "I think so...ow!" I replied as I was trying to get up. I looked down and saw blood comming out of my leg. "Babe. This does not look like its alright." he replied as he took out his cell phone. "Dont. I am alright. Just if I have to go in I want you to take me so I can talk to you, about something." I replied. "Ok. And we are going to be in the car for awhile. So...just tell me in their." he replied as he picked me up. " put this around the cuts..." I replied taking my shirt off. "Your going to need that." he replied "I have a tank top under this you know." I replied smiling. He sat me down and wrapped it around the cut. As we walked down stairs, Harry and Niall were pacing back and forth...what now? "Whats wrong guys?" I asked and they looked up and smiled. "Are you alright?" Niall asked as he walked over to me. "Ya...I am perfectly fine." I replied lying. "Then whats this?" Harry asked as he pointed to the cloth. "Only a real guy would understand my fashion." I replied smiling. "Where you going?" Niall asked "To visit my great grandma that lives like 2hours away. Liam is taking me." I replied as the guys opened their mouths "Alone" I replied. Soon as we started walking, Harry stopped us. "Please" he asked "Sorry. Plus I really need to talk to Liam...hurry Liam, my grandma is old and she might die soon." I replied as we took off. Leaving them behind. We got in the car and Liam turned on the radio. The song 'Tell me a lie' came on and I gave Liam 'THE LOOK' and he turned it off. "Perfect timing" I mumbled, as we took off.


Liam's POV

"Perfect timing" she mumbled. "So what do you need to tell me?" I asked "Um how do I explain this? I love you...but I just kinda like Niall and Harry too." she replied looking at me. "Thats what you meant, by you will just choose" I replied and she nodded. "I mean, you saved me from the mobb of fans, and then you are taking me to the hospital, for my mistake. You are the one who can understand me more." she replied. Her eyes started to get glossy. "But what about Harry and Niall?" I asked. "Thats when we get Louisa, and have her tell them that you are the one. I will even talk to her if you want me too." she replied with a few tears escaping her eyes. "Or even better...lets just make-out in front of them." she continued. "Your leg babe." was all I could say and she looked down. "Annnndddd?" she asked like it was no big deal. "Annnnnnddddd...hold on to  my hand." I replied and she did. I sped over the speed limit. We reached the hospital, and we walked in. I had Sammi in my arms. "Come with me." the nurse said, not even taking her name and date of birth. We followed and I sat her on the bed. Just as I was starting to exit the room I heard Sammi scream "Liam! Stay in here with me! I am terrified of needles!" she said in panic. I ran over to her and her eyes began to close. "No! No! No!" I said in panic. "Dont worry. We put her asleep, so she didnt have to see all of this blood and this needle, to sew up the cut. Who are you to her?" the nurse asked. "Im her boyfriend" I replied smiling, like an idiot.

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