Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


9. The beach

Sammi's POV~

I was woke up by Harry comming in our room screaming. I immediantly sat up. "What happend?!" I asked curious. "Were going to the beach today!" he replied back even more excited. "Harry! Sammi needs her sleep. Even though its----" Liam replied looking at his phone "---its 11am." he finished. "Crap! Is it seriously 11? I must have slept in. Thanks Harry for waking us up." I replied getting up out of bed. "No problem." he replied smiling. "Ok, can you please get out so I can get dressed and take a shower?" I asked. "Oh, sure." Harry responded walking out, along with Liam. "Thanks guys!" I called out to them. Liam came back in the room, "I think I forgot something." he said walking closer to me. "And what would that be?" I asked in a flirtatious tone. "This." he said an leaned in and kissed me. He slid his tounge into my mouth. I tried to escape the kiss, but it got more deeper. I smiled as a que and he released. "That was amazing." I said. "Ya it was." he replied and leaned in again. "Hey, can you take me to the bathroom? I am not supposed to stand on my leg." I said making him back up and carry me in the bathroom. "Then you cant take a shower." he said in a serious tone. "Thats why they invented baths. Smart one." I replied sarcastically, as I removed the ace bandage from my ankle. "Do you need any help?" I heard Liam ask. "No thanks, I got this. My ankle is sprained, not my hands or arms." I responded. He chuckled.

(After bath)

I walked into our bedroom, very carefully because the boys were playing truth or dare on the ground. I hurried up and walked over to my clothes and turned around to find the guys staring at me, with them covering their eyes, "What? I am just getting my clothes." I said "Ya, but your towel fell to the ground." Zayn replied. I looked down and my towel was on the ground. "Crap!" I yelled. "Its alright. We had to force Harry to close his eyes." Louis replied "Now go get dressed" he continued. I ran into the bathroom "Your clear!" I yelled through the door.


Harry's POV~

"Your clear!" I heard Sammi yell through the door. 5 minutes later she came out of the bathroom in a bikini. "Ready?" she asked. "I am so ready" I replied. "Someone cover his eyes. I am starting to get jealous." Liam said. "Sorry, Li she is hot." I replied. She smiled and blushed.

(at the beach)

"Hey, can I talk to you Sammi?" I asked her. "Um sure, let me tell Liam." she replied "He is in the bathroom" I replied "Ok, I will tell Zayn then." she responded and walked over to Zayn.


Zayn's POV~

I just came up from the water, and some hot chick is walking up to me. "Hey, what can I do for ya?" I asked. "Can you tell Liam, I am going to talk with Harry?" she asked "Oh ya. Sorry. I am Zayn by the way." I replied "Are you on drugs? I am Liams girlfriend. I have been living with you guys for quite some time." she responded "You are?" I asked. "Ya. I dont have those glasses on that make me look like a geek, and my hair is not in a scrunchy, and I am in a bathing suite. I gotta go." she replied


Sammi's POV~

I was walking away, when I suddenly stopped. I felt myself drop. I heard people calling me. "Sammi! Sammi!" I heard people approach me. "Is she alive?" I heard someone ask. "What happened?" I heard Liam ask. "She was walking over to Harry, then she dropped." Zayn said. My eyes fluttered open. "Where am I?" I asked "Your in the hospital." I looked over to see who said that, it was Niall. "What happened?" I asked causiously "You walked away from me and started to walk over to Harry." Zayn responded. "What is this?" I asked pointing to my leg that was half way gone. "I dont know. I was watching from behind you and I saw something silver come up and go back down and swim away." Zayn said. "I remember! I saw a shark earlier and I didnt wanna tell anyone, because we just arrived at the beach." I said looking over at Liam. "Whats wrong Liam?" I asked. "That should be me. That should be me." he responded while sobbing. "It is alright Liam. I am still alive arnt I?"I asked "Ya, but you were brought back to life 3 times." Louis said. I started to cry. Liam came up to me and hugged me. I hugged back. "I love you." we said in unison and smiled. "Im glad your alive." Everyone but me said in unison.

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