Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


18. Suicide

Louisa's POV
What in the world is going on? We just got home and that fudging beast has taken Sammi. I cant take it anymore today if I have the chance I would kill him. We followed the car which took Sammi. It led to a house it was old and it looked abandoned it was in the middle of no where. I heard a loud scream. I knew it was Sammi we raced in the house. I saw Dylan beating Sammi asking for a kiss. I got the gun and shot Dylan in the leg. He looked at me furiously like he was going to kill me. I looked at him. Someone fired the gun it was Harry's father Des. Gosh I went over to Sammi to untie her then somehow I got shot at the leg I collapsed on the ground. Louis helped me up. It was just a scratch but it really hurt. What could I do without this boy. Sammi got hit in the ribs so she has to wear a brace now. I feel really tired amd woozy then I blacked out. The next thing I know I'm in a hopital surronded by the boys and Sammi

"What happened?" I asked
"You fainted because you were too stressed and dehydrated, so heres a bottle of water" Louis said with a concerned voice
"Thanks Lou but what happened with Dylan?" I asked
"He got shot at the stomach then died" Harry said
"Gosh I can't get up" I said
"Well Louisa I guess I have to carry you" Louis said

Then my phone went off it was an unknown caller I risked it and answered. It was MY DAD. I really hated him with all my life he abused me when I was a child thats why I live with Sammi now

"Hello Louisa how's my babygirl?" He asked in a sweet tone
"What do you want?" I said in a sassy tone
"Well the requirements are simple first you drop off the face of the earth in three months and live with us again, or else you will loose six people in your life" My dad said

He hung up. I told them what happened. I was in tears gosh I just want to die now

I got a knife from the kitchen and put it near my neck. I got it fixed now I'm gonna die. I have to let the suffering stop. I put preasure on the knife then the door swung open

Louis' POV
I know that Louisa was depressed right now because of her dad, so I decided to check on her. When I opened the door I saw Louisa she was going to attempt suicide.

"Louisa don't do it" I said
"I need to let the suffering stop Louis I don't want to be a pain to anyone anymore" She said while tears were escaping her eyes
"Well if you go I have to go with you!" I said

I ran downstairs I got a knife of the counter, then I ran up again

"Louisa are you sure you want to do that?!?" I said

Then the door opened it was the others

"Don't do it guys!" I heard Harry say
"We'll get through it!" Sammi said

I put down my knife but Louisa still had hers on her throat.

"Louisa there are people who love and care for you out there, someone even we dont know exist. Please put down the knife!" I said

She threw down the knife. She went in my arms. God I love this girl.

Louisa's POV
Well I'm still pretty depressed. I had three months sometimes when I think about it I begin to cut my arms. I know that it hurts but it made me feel real a person who can feel. Today I got a text again from my dad it said

Hey babygirl how are you remember three months then your with me again
Love, Dad

This made me furious I'm gonna get crazy if this doesn't stop
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