Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


27. Stupid is stupid does

Sammi's POV

We all arrived at the house and I saw Louisa thinking. "Hey, Lou-lou come up with me in our room so we can talk." I said to Louisa and she nodded. We went up in the room and closed the door. "Talk" I said instantly. "I like Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Harry. At the same time. I just need your help." she replied and I smiled deviously. "Hahaha I will mentor each of them." I replied. She smiled and walked out. I am looking forward to this. I walked downstairs and found the guys on the couch. I saw Louis trying to get Kevin to eat a carrot, Harry was talking to a random cat that was out on the balcony, Zayn was looking in the mirror fixing his hair, Niall was eating a bowl of cereal with a spoon, and Liam was in the corner rocking himself watching Niall with the spoon. And I looked at Louisa and she was on the couch looking depressed. Liam got up and walked over to me "She wont tell us whats wrong." he said and kissed my cheek. "I know whats wrong, and I am taking the boys out today." I replied "Why?" he asked me "I just have to talk to them about something, like important." I replied looking into his eyes. "Important?! Then why cant I come?" he asked curiously "I need you to keep Louisa company." I replied. I began to walk away, but he stopped me and pulled me back and kissed me. I smiled and he released the kiss. "Boys, come with me. Louisa you will stay with Liam." I said and we walked out the door. "What is going on?" Harry asked "Whats wrong with Louisa that she cant tell me?" Zayn asked "KEVIN!" Louis shouted and ran after a bird "I hope she is alright." Niall said and looked at me. "Lou! Get yo bootie back here!" I shouted and ran after him and the boys followed my actions. When we reached Lou, I about passed out, but Niall caught me "Woa! Are you alright?" he asked me. I nodded and tried to stand up, but fell on my bum. I laughed and so did the boys. They sat down next to me and asked me what was wrong with Louisa. "Lou-Lou, seems to love more than just one person." I started to say and I saw Zayn get jealous. "Who else?" Zayn asked "Niall, Harry, and Louis." I replied and saw them all look at me like I was crazy. "Im not lying, I swear. But she came to me and told me that she wants me to choose for her." I replied. "Does she have a crush on Liam too?" Niall asked me. "Honestly, I have no idea. I mean, to be honest just the thought of that makes me jealous." I replied and Niall hugged me from my side. "I know that if she chooses him and he likes her, that I would be more than happy, to be yours." Niall said and Zayn got jealous even more. I stood up and walked over to Zayn and took him to the side. "Whats wrong?" I asked him. "Promise me you wont tell anyone." he said and I nodded. What I heard was unbelievable. I was shocked.


Zayn POV

I trusted Sammi, so I told her. "I have been your childhood bestfriend since kindergarden. I have always loved you. I still do. But that all changed, when I moved to California...and you had to stay back in London with your mum and dad. I honestly, think of Louisa more as a sister than a girlfriend. I love you!" I told her. She was shocked. "OH MY G-OSH! Really?!" she said loud enough for the boys to hear and rush over. "Whats wrong?" Niall asked hugging her. "I just told her that we are twins." I lied. And he was shocked "REALLY?!" he asked and I nodded and so did Sammi. "I love you!" she said and hugged me. "I love you too." I replied and hugged her back. Now one thing. How do I tell this to Louisa? That I love Sammi and that I think of her more as a sister than a girlfriend, that we would be better off friends...what? We headed back to the house and walked in to see Louisa and Liam making out. I saw Sammi laughing with Harry and Niall and hurried up and took her up to my room. "What are you doing?" she asked me "I-I-I....Liam and Louisa were making out while you were laughing with Harry and Niall." I replied and she laid on my bed and was thinking out loud. "Why was he doing this to me? I mean like why?" she asked "They probably love each other, like I love you----" I said but was cut off by Sammi "And I love you" she said and kissed me. Then I saw Louisa walk through the door and throw something at Sammi causing her to pass out on the ground. Why did she just do that?

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