Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


50. Rescue, Forgiveness and Proposal

Louisa's POV
Im taken away to this huge mansion. I stepped inside it was beautiful.

"Why am I here?" I asked
" lady friend told me to bring you here" He answered
"Tony get away from her! She needs space after her boyfriend cheated on her!" A girl yelled from upstairs

She went down. She was like a normal teenager, a Directioner obviously.

"Sorry if he had to do that, anyways Im Nina a MASSIVE Directioner" She said
"Well may I ask why am I here?" I said
"Well I guess you needed space so you're here" She answered
"I need to get going the boys might need me" I said rather politely
"You arent going anywhere!" She said in a mad tone

She had a dead tight grip at my wrist. I blacked out.

Sammi's POV
"I DONT KNOW.... I just dont know" He answered
"We shouldnt be fighting we should be finding my sister" Niall stated
"Okay....." I said

The telephone rang. I answered it.

"Hello?" He said
"Ugh...why you...anyways I have Louisa here and she's gonna be fine if she just doesnt try to escape! She'll be fine you could visit her at the mansion two blocks away from there" The girl on the other line said

I told the boys. We ran outside the house we found the mansion. They let us in.

"Oh... Hello! Im Nina" The girl said,as she ran up to us
"Umm hi" Liam said

I heard a loud scream.

"Oh sorry about her" Nina apoligized
"Who was that?" Louis asked
"Umm-" Nina was cut off by Louis
"Who was that!" He yelled
"That's your ex-" we didnt let her finish we ran to Louisa's Direction

Louisa's POV
Its hurts GOD! I mean their ellectricuting me (again) memories came flooding back. How Louis cared my family turn against me. Every bad thing!

"Can you just kill me I want the pain to end....and....I want to die!" I said
"Well we are killing you, just slowly and painfully" The person said

He continued, but with a higher voltage. It hurts so much, all I can do is scream.

Louis' POV
We reached the place where we heard the scream. We barged inside. We saw Louisa being ellectricuted. The people who were rhere ran. We took Louisa and ran.

"You know Louis I still dont forgive you" Louisa said
"Im telling you it was all an accident" I said
"Yeah right!" She replied

We got home. I sat down on the couch just thinking what the hell am I going to do just to win this girl's heart back!

Louisa's POV
"Louisa listen to me!" Sammi said
"Fine! Explain! Tell me why, He has to break my heart and cause ALL of this!" I said
"Well...he was out and a fan did all that and if he didnt follow that obbsesive fan would hurt you! Basically he did all of that not to put you in harm" Sammi explained
"I need to hear this from him before I believe all this!" I said while stomping down to the living room

I see Louis crying. I love him, but Im not sure if I can trust him. He looked over to me he got out of his seat. Then he hugged me like we havent seen each other for so long.

"Louisa everything was a accident please forgive me" He said while hugging me

Tears were developing in my eyes I love Louis. He's been there for me....most of all I love him!

"I forgive you Louis!" I said

We ended the hug. I looked at his bloodshot eyes. He leaned in for a kiss. I kissed back. I remember the good times we all had the fun times. Its him Louis is the guy whom I want to be with for the rest of my life.

Sammi's POV
Awe I got thise two love birds back together. We all left cause we were in the middle of something personal. Liam led me outside. Its sunset, he led me to this beautiful feild.

"Sammi you are the most beautiful, smart and fun loving person I have ever met, and I want to ask you something...." Liam said as he got down on one knee
"Oh My Gosh Liam!" Thats all I managed to say
"Sammi will you marry me?" Liam asked
"Yes Liam! With all my heart yes!" I replied

I didnt know that the others followed us and they were taking pictures. When I said yes Liam put the Diamond ring on my finger. Its heart shaped and its just beautiful. He got up and twirlled me around then kissed me. When we pulled away....

"Lets get the party started!" The others all shouted together then they played Live While Were Young. We jammed out to the music. We got home, I was carried bridal style by Liam. I was admiring the ring I have on my finger. It symbolizes that Im commited to one person. Today was AMAZINGLY BRILLIAM!
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