Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


32. Psychopath

Louisa's POV
"I am Louisa's brother!" The man said
"I thought we killed you!" Louis yelled
"Well you didn't and tonight I'm going to put Sammi and all the boys in trial" He said
"No dont-" I wasn't able to finish there was a bag on my head.

I felt being dragged but to where? When they took it off I was in luxury. I looked at the window it was a beautiful sight. The door opened a woman came in.

"Hello there mistress what would you want to request?" The woman asked
"Where are my friends?" I asked
"They're in trial at the cellar!" the woman said
"I have to get down there!" I said

But two large men stopped me from doing it.

"I'm sorry but you brother would like you stay here, goodnight!" She said while leaving the room

This house reminded me where me and Sammi lived. A mansion I knew that there were shortcuts everywhere. If you break something you end up somewhere else. I have to find a way out of here. There's a window but I can't climb down cause there are no trees. I wouldn't risk falling then dying. I heard people calling my name I started kicking down the door but it wont budge. I smelled something good but the kitchen isn't located near here. I guess it was a shortcut I started making a hole in that particular area

Sammi's POV
Louisa was dragged away from here. Louis tried running after her but instead he got hit at the ribs. We were dragged to a mansion not far from our house. When we got there we were pulled by our hair. We came across a room with gaurds. We all started to call Louisa's name. The gaurds started to hold back rhe door I guess thats where they held Louisa. We got dragged to what looks like a cellar.

"So who want to go first?" Leo asked
"Me and just go on with it!" I yelled
"Well since your brave ill save you for last ill start of with the curly haired one" He asked then he went over to Harry and tazed him.
"Why are you doing this?" Louis yelled
"It's a trial whoever gets home alive is worthy, my sister made it out alive so she has passed" He said
"Psychopath" Liam whispered
"What did you say?!?" Leo said then he punched Liam at the face twice

Louisa's POV
There wasn't a hole. I tried everything to break it but all I did were dents. I had a plan I made tons of dents. When I made alot I started to jump on it. The floor was getting lower and lower it was working. Someone was turning my doorknob it was the two men outside. Good thing I fell when it happened I landed in the kitchen. Everyone was looking at me. I didn't care I started running down to the cellar I could hear screaming everwhere before I could enter the two men caught me and started straggling me I quickily punched him in the face but he wouldn't let go.

Louis' POV
He was literaly torturing us. I've been tazed for like ten times and punched everywhere. I looked over to the window I saw Louisa she was trying to rescue us but two men carried her up. I was just watching I couldn't bear it inside anymore! Louisa's brother looked at me and gave me a punch at the ribs. That really hurt I think he broke my ribs. How could Louisa be from this family. She's not like them!

"So who here likes my sister?" Leo asked
"I DO" I said proudly
"Well I just want to tell you you'll get yourself killed, all of you. After this she'll be last one in our family and people might want something from us since we are a secretive family. The worst part is she isn't really a part of our family and doesn't know anything at all. We took her away from a random hospital. We needed a new recruit but she turned out to be nice Im telling all this cause at some point she has to know this and maybe just maybe one of you could get out alive!" He said

We all stared at him like We were gonna kill him. In return he punched us at the face. Louisa or anybody where are you.

Louisa's POV
I was nowhere to be seen in the small window. I bit them then they let go but got me again I grabbed a knife and stabbed them. I'm not sure if their dead I just want to save my friends! I got to the door I decided to hide so that my brother wont see me. When he was punching them I started kicking the door down. It fell and my brother charged in my direction. He twisted my arm but I bit his arm.

"You brat how did you get in here?!?" he yelled
"I guess your not so smart after all!" I said
"Well!" He said

He pushed me to a corner he got his gun and pointed at me. It wasn't loaded. He looked at me picked me up and punched me in the ribs. I realized I had a knife at my pocket. He grabbed the knife away from me he got really close he almost stabbed me. I was trying to redirect where the knife. I tripped we were on the floor now. I had a grip at the knife but my grip was on the blade of the knife. My hand was bleeding. I saw what was next to me a tazer! I grabbed it then I tazed him at his neck for a few minutes then he tried to stand up but couldn't he was unconcious. I untied the boys and Sammi. Sammi told me she was tazed more than twenty times and she lost count of how many times she got punched. I called the cops to help us. They came then we were at the hospital. They all recovered and the doctor said they should rest for a week or so. We were in the car.

"Louisa we have something to tell you" Liam said
"Whats that Liam?" I asked
"Your brother told us something, something really important" Liam said
"Your kidnapped ever since you were a child you've taken from a hospital and that means..." Louis said
"Your not a part of their family" Sammi continued

We arrived home. I was experiencing mixed feelings. Louis went up to me.

"Hey Louisa!" He said
"Hey carrot prince" I said with a fake smile
"It's okay Harry's dad is on the case he said the results would come out tomorrow" Louis said
"Well I hooe my family loves me I'm just nervous!" I said

(Tomorrow Morning)

Louis' POV
I'm really worried about Louisa's safety and all that. Then my phone rang it was a text message from Harry's dad it said "Louisa is from the _ _ _ _ _ family" I raced to the living room. I fell from the stairs. Louisa came next to me

"Boo Bear are you alright?" Louisa said
"I'm fine I have an announcement to make. And Boo Bear?!?" I said
"Well what's wrong with that?" Louisa said
"Well skip that the huge announcement is that Louisa is a part of the-" they didn't let me finish the started firing questions to me
"You have the results!" Harry said
"That was fast!" Liam said
"SHHHHH!! Let me finish Louisa is part of the Horan family!" I said

Niall fake fainted in Zayn's arms

"How the fudge did happen!" Louisa exclamied
"I had a crush on my sister!" Niall shouted
"It's okay Niall!" Louisa stated
"And Niall's family has been informed so lets go meet them!" I shouted
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