Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


40. One Direction vs Bear

Shel's POV
I see a huge bear infront of me! It almost scared me to death

"Go Away!" Zayn yelled. Making the bear more angry
"Zayn I guess you shouldn't have done that!" I whispered

We heard a gun shot. The bear looked back we took the chance we ran in to the forest. I fell on the ground I couldn't find Zayn. The bear was infront of me, I thoght it was going ro rip me a part. I heard a gun shot. The bear was hit lightly on the back but was still angry. The shooter was Louisa.

"Come At Me Bro!" Louisa yelled

The bear started to charge at her. She ran really fast.

"Bad Idea Bad Idea!" I could hear her yell while she was running

I could feel somebody pull me back. It was the others, they looked at me worriedly

"Dude what about Louisa!" I said stressedly
"Shoot!" I heard all of them yell

I heard a scream. A girl scream it was Louisa. We all rushed towards her direction

Louisa's POV
A bear is running after me! Im expecting back up right now, but no one came. I tripped. I could hear the bear coming towards me. I climbed the biggest tree available. I climbed it the bear almost got me. I screamed of fear.

"Louisa! Louisa!" I could hear them shout

They arrived with a forest ranger. He made the bear go away. I guess it was pretty safe now

"Louisa! Where in the world are you?!?" Louis yelled
"Im up here!" I yelled
"How the fudge dis you get up there?" Sammi yelled
"And how did you learn how to hold a gun?" Shel yelled
"Umm my dad taught me before he went physhyco!" I answered
"Well okay Loulou get down from there!" Louis said

I climbed down. I lost my grip. I fell in Louis' arms.

"Thanks Lou that was a bit close" I said
"Anytime Loulou!" He said with a smile

We got a long lecture from the forest ranger, then we were free to go. We laughed all the way back home. Shel has Zayn now well I guess my mission is complete! I couldn't believe that I could still do the stuff my family taught me. I guess I could do stunts now. As long if I didn't use them to hurt anyone this could be awesome!
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