Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


33. Meeting the Horans

Niall's POV

I had a crush on my sister?! Well that aint awkward at all. We arrived at the airport and we got onto the plane and we left to Ireland. I cant believe Louisa is my sister! What if she was my twin sister? That would be weird. Anyway on the trip, I sat next to Louisa. Behind us were Harry and Louis, then Liam and Sammi, then Zayn and some grandma. I was getting to know more about Louisa. Her natural hair colour is brown, not blonde. She dyed it a few years ago at the age 12.


Louisa's POV

I cant believe I am Niall's sister! I am so happy, that im not the weird freaks sister. I mean he tried to kill me and my friends. What type of brother would do that to me?! The plane just landed and we made our way to our mum and dad. I was smiling. I looked at mum's face and her smile instantly faded. "Hey mum. Hey dad" I said hugging them. "Hey. What happend to you guys?!" mum asked us. "Haha long story short, the person who stole me from the hospital...he claimed to be my brother, and well he abused all of us." I replied simply. She looked at me like 'How can you be happy about this?' "But he got arrested." Niall said. And we walked to the car. Niall was getting surrounded by fans, and I could just tell that he was kinda getting annoyed. "Please just give him a break!" I said loud enough to where they left. "Thanks." he said smiling. "So Louisa, tell us about what has happend when you werent with us." mum said. "Abuse." I replied simply. "Nothing else?!" she asked me suprised "Well me and Sammi moved in together...and well before I knew Niall was my brother, I had a crush on him to be honest." Niall looked at me suprised. I just nodded and smiled. Then mum showed me up to where me and Sammi were sleeping...and she told me something that I would never forget. "Niall and you are twins." I was shocked. Sammi saw the look on my face and she walked over to me and hugged me. "Learn something new everyday." me and her said in unison. She was shocked too. I mean the NIALL HORAN is my twin brother?! This could not get anymore shocking than it is. Right then Niall walked in the room. "Whats wrong?" he asked "You guys are twins" Sammi replied. And with that Niall fainted.

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