Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


49. Luck of the irish?

Louisa's POV

I just sat on my bed crying my eyes out. I swear if it was possible, this whole world would have been underwater from my tears. I just needed to write. I just didnt want to kill myself. I took out my note book and began writing.

'To: The soon to be dead person who reads this;

    Life is so complicated. I hate the fact that my boyfriend cheated on me. He kissed some other chick. I have one question that crosses my mind; does he really love me? This is just killing me. I am going to die in a hole. I wish I could, but I just dont want to hurt so many people that love me. I am not stubborn or anything, its just I dont want to hurt the guys, Sammi, Shel, and Chloe. If I had my way, I would be dead by now. I would never want them to go through that phase. I know that they will someday, but I want to live while im young. I have a whole life ahead of me.     -Person who hates her life, Louisa xx'


I put my journal on my table where I normally keep it, and jumped when I heard multiple pounds on the door with screams from the guys and Sammi. I wipped the tears away from my face and walked over to the door. I took a deep breath and opened the door, although I never wanted to. I knew it was right to though. I was embraced in a big group hug, from them. "Dont you EVER do that again. You are to good to be put through this." Sammi said shaking my shoulders with both her hands. I looked to my right and found Louis just standing there looking down. "YOU DOUCHE! YOU ARE GONNA HAVE ENOUGH GUTS TO GO BEHIND MY BACK AND KISS SOME OTHER GIRL?! THIS IS JUST PLAIN OUT CRAP! WE ARE DONE!" I yelled at him. "Please Louisa let me explain." he said while tears streamed down his face. "I ALREADY KNOW! IT WAS AN AMAZING KISS! NOW..." I began but sighed "Whats your story?" I asked immediantly regretting it. "The whole story is...I was just on my way home from my walk, and then a few girls came up to me and said that if I dont kiss one of them, that they will kill you." he said. I looked at Sammi and we both nodded. We smacked him at the same time. "I wish I would die." I said and ran away. I heard Sammi yelling along with Niall. I didnt stop. Not once, other than to be taken away by some guy around my age that I have never seen before. Am I going to die? I sure hope so.

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