Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


48. Love?!?

Louisa's POV
How did this situation get so complicated. I mean seriously! Harry with Chloe, Liam with Sammi, Louis with me, Zayn with Shel and Niall with Franz. Now it's falling apart! I need to fix this! Now just now! I got Zayn and pulled him to the kitchen.

"Zayn what the hell is wrong with you?" I said loudly
"I Dont Know!" He yelled back
"Well you have to make up your mind now! Who do you want to be with?!?" I yelled
"I choose....Shel" He said softly
"Okay then now I have to fix Sammi and Liam" I said while walking away

I ran up to Sammi's room. She was crying. I opened the door. She looked like she was really sick.

"Sammi, you have to listen to me Liam loves you he would never do that to you in real life. He chose that than another guy making out with his girl, just hear me out he want to leave the band thats how much he loves you!" I said pretty straight forward
"Fine just one chance then it's over!" She replied

We exited her room and ran downstairs to find Liam.

Liam's POV
I feel like hell. I never felt so guilty right now! I want to quit the band! Why did I go along with this!?! I love her! I called management to tell them I was leaving. When it picked up

"Liam!" I heard a familiar voice call

It's Sammi, none other than my love

"Liam please dont do it!" Louisa pleaded
"I cant!" I said
"Liam please dont do it I love you!" Sammi said

It hit me. I needed to hear those three words, I love you. Thats all I needed. I hung up, I grabbed Sammi and kissed her. I needed that feeling just that feeling

Louisa's POV
I guess my job is done. The others didnt even help me! I feel awesome right now. The day passed by quickly I just spent the whole day with the rockin fantastic Louis William Tomlinson. Its night then it became morning. There was a note on the table that the boys went on a meeting and they would come back tonight. My phone vibrated, it was a notification from twitter. It had a picture of Louis kissing another girl. I replied "Hope its only an accident!". Then my phone had a text on it from Louis it says "Sorry Louisa but I think we're not working anymore so we're over" I read it I felt like I wanted to die. I see how Eleanor and Danielle felt when Liam and Louis broke up with them. I feel sick. Just sick of my life. Before I completely turned my self off by locking myself in my room for a long period of time and not talking I tweeted "And......Im Dead.......if anybody wants to look for me......Im in my room dying". That was it Im off.

Louis' POV
I saw the tweet, when we were out a girl stole my phone and another girl forced me to kiss her. I saw Louisa's tweets I needed to go home. I need to tell what happened!

Sammi's POV
I checked Twitter. Im so mad at Louis right now! He should've never done that. Louisa deserves better then that cheater. I went to Louisa's room it's locked I asked if I could come in no answer. Almost instantly Louis came back. I slapped him at the face and told him what he's done to my best friend. He told me what happened that 'fans' got his phone and forced him to kiss that girl. I forgave him but it'll be pretty hard to tell what really happened. Im not the love doctor she is! What are we going to do?
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