Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


52. 'Incident'

Louisa's POV
Why just why? Zayn and Chloe are gone. I bet their the ones who kidnapped her, I really hope I'm wrong! I'm looking for Liam when I found him on a bench his head burried in his hands

"What are we going to do?" I said
"I don't know" He replied
"Come on lets get home and we'll think of a plan" I said
"No we have to find her now!" He said

I just nodded. Zayn and Chloe are in big trouble right now.

Sammi's POV
They brought me to me and Louisa's mansion. Its getting really strange now.

"Why am I here?" I asked
"Well I think they'll never look for you here" Zayn answered
"What's wrong with you Zayn you'll never do this and you Chloe how did you get in to this. You both have to be on drugs!" I said
"I am on drugs I'm addicted to you, Sammi" Zayn said

He really has to be on drugs. He would never do this!

Liam's POV
"This isn't working Liam! She wont pick up her phone!" Louisa said
"Well...I guess we'll have to go home and think of a plan there" I said
"Hey Liam just dont give up okay, she has got to be fine" Louisa said trying to comfort me

We got back home. Louisa went to Zayn's bedroom to check out something.

"There's got to be something here" She said
"What on earth are you looking for?" Louis asked
"Im looking for something that could lead us to the location of Sammi" She answered
"You wont find anything here we've checked it" Harry said
"Yeah we did" Niall said as he grabbed the energy drink near the bed

He drank a little of it. His face looked disgusted.

"What is in this drink?!? It tastes really really bad" Niall said as he was trying to recover from the taste of the drink
"Give me that" Louisa said as he grabbed the beverage from Niall's hand
"Well what is it?" I asked
"Drugs......Heroin......Zayn is on drugs!" She said
"Zayn on drugs! Find something maybe he has more!" I exclaimed

We searched his room we found marijuana. We went to Chloe's room next. We found the same drug in her room.

"I guess that explains the question why he did it...He was jealous. He took drugs to relieve his pain. I guess Chloe stole some from his bedroom" Louisa said
"Well that could happen, anyways where do you think they are?" I asked
"I need to get back to my house to confirm all of this" Louisa said

She went to Louis' car. We followed, we got into the backseats. She drove us to their mansion. Memories came flooding back. The time we met, when I comforted her and fell in love. I started crying.

"Liam we'll get her back and get all of this back to normal again" Harry said in a attempt to comfort me

I smiled weakly. We got there it was night and raining. Louisa looked tense and scared.

Louisa's POV
For some reason I feel scared and tense. I unlocked the door it looked the same as I left it.

Sammi's POV
The door unlocked. Zayn grabbed me he put his hand on my mouth. I couldn't scream I could just watch. Louisa walked inside. She headed in our direction. Zayn's hand got tighter. She arrived to the living room, she turned around. She looked like she'd seen a ghost. Zayn got up, he almost punched her. Louis was there just in time. He grabbed Zayn's hands. Now they're wrestling.

"Zayn what's gotten into you?" Louis yelled

Liam got in the living room. Chloe charged to him, I ran to my room and locked it. I'm so scared.

Louisa's POV
I ran to the kitchen. I can't hurt the people that I love. I cant be that monster those people taught me to be. Zayn has gotten rogue cause of the drugs. I feel terrified. I turned back, I see Zayn, his eyes were like my brother's.

"It took me a long while to find you" He said
"Zayn what is wrong with you?" I asked
"Well....." He said
"Get away from her!" I heard Louis yell

I tried running. Zayn grabbed me head locking me. I'm defenseless. Sammi ran down.

"Give me Sammi and I let her go!" He yelled
"Zayn I don't want to hurt you" Louis said

Louis punched Zayn at his face I ran towards Sammi's direction. Before that Chloe tried to punch me but missed. I punched her at the face then she went out cold. I turned to Louis and Zayn. Zayn was unconcious. We rushed to the hospital to treat them.

A few days later~

Zayn and Chloe are still in the hospital. Me, Sammi and the others are fine. Louis and Liam still cant forgive what Zayn did.

We visited them. They woke up a few minutes later. They could not remember the 'incident'. We dedcided to not tell them. I hope they wont find out
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