Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


5. I will find you

Liam's POV~

This was the best night ever! I walked up into Sammi's room, where she said she would be. I knocked. No answer. I knocked again. No answer. I put my head close up to the door and heard whimpering. I barged into the room and found Dani and Eleanor, both with duct tape. They covered her mouth, then they taped her two hands together. I stood in the doorway speechless. Why would they do this? They both looked at me and smiled. "So look who we have here...." Dani began, her speeches were always boring. "Why are you here?" I snarled. "Well, we were on twit cam and I found out that you dumped me for her. I want revenge. If you take another step, she will be dead, do you hear me?" she snarled back. I nodded tears began to stream down my face.


Louis's POV~

Liam was gone for awhile, I might go and check on him. I stood up from the couch. I was getting ready to walk up stairs when I heard Liam getting fiesty. "Lou-Lou, can you come with me?" I asked. She got up and followed behinde me. I saw Liam back up with tears in his eyes. "They're here." he said to me. I quickily ran into the room with Lou-lou with me and found the window open. No sign of Sammi, or anyone.


Liam's POV~

Before they left, I told Sammi "I will find you, I promise!" then they took her away. I started backing up and Louis came up to me and asked me what was wrong. I told him that they were here. Then Louis ran into the room with Lou-lou following him. The window was open and their was no sign of Sammi, or anyone. "Liam, where is she?" Lou and Lou-lou said in a unison. "Our exes took her. They want revenge." I choked out. I took my phone out and dialed the police. "Hello----" before she could finish, I cut the officer off. "Sorry to interrupt. I am Liam Payne and my girlfriend was kiddnapped by my ex girlfriend Danielle Peazer and her friend Eleanor Calder." I said panicing. "Ok, we will send out police to find your girl friend and the kiddnapper." she replied. I thanked her then I hung up.


Danielle's POV~

I have Liam's little girlfriend with me right now. I cant believe he dumped me for her? I am a model and she is a nobody. Ugh! Once we have arrived at the abandoned house, I took her out of the car and put her in an empty room. I took off the duct tape off her mouth rapidly. "Listen, if you yell or make any type of noise that is loud, their will be one less girl here today" I said pointing in her face and left the room and locked it.


Sammi's POV~

Danielle is not the smartest person. I always hid my phone in my bra, just in case I got kidnapped. I am glad I did though, because before I came into the room, she checked all my pockets. To make sure I had no communication with anyone. I quickly got my phone out and changed my ringer, on vibrate. Then I texted Liam.

'Hey babe, I am at the abandoned house. Danielle and Eleanor are out to find Lou-lou. So make sure they dont get her. Have the police come here and say that they have to check all abandoned houses for safety. I miss you babe, please hurry. Dont txt back, because my phone is hidden in my ya. xoxo ~S' I sent the message.

(15 minutes later)

I heard foot steps and talking going on. I quickly went back into my original position. The door opened.


Harry's POV~

Liam was in the shower and his phone went off. I checked it and told Liam, that I will be out for awhile at the park. I know I lied, but Sammi was in trouble. I loved her. I love her, I should say. I went into the police station and told the officers the plan and they agreed. We arrived at the abandoned house. I saw Danielle and Eleanor's car. They must be here. They police knocked on the door, while I went behinde the house. I saw Sammi, through the window. I saw her look like she lost her best friend. Well, she didnt have Liam with her. I saw the door open, it was the police officer, he gave me a nod and close the door. "Pst. Sammi, up here. Come on." I said loud enough for her to hear me, but I whispered. She stood up and climbed up to the window. I smiled and helped her up. And we made an escape to the car that I was in and took off, back to the house.


The police officer's POV~

I was shocked when I saw a young girl in the corner. I nodded up at Harry as a que. I closed the door. "Sooo?" Danielle replied. "So...your under arrest for 20 years for kidnapping a girl. As for you Eleanor, you do the same." I replied hand cuffing both of them. "Who told you that she was here?" she asked me. "Classified imformation, miss." I replied sternly. And took them off to the police car.


Sammi's POV~

Harry? Wait, I texted Liam. I hope I did anyway. I took my phone out, and saw Harry looking at me and smiling. "What?" I asked curious. "Great idea. Great idea." he replied looking back at the road. "So, how did you know that I was there? Where is Liam?" I asked concerned. "Liam was in the shower and I read his phone and ya...." he replied. "Oh. That explains al----" before I could finish, Hary kissed me. I pulled away immediantly "I am with Liam, Harry....oh gosh how do I explain this to Liam?" I asked getting stressed out. "I will. I did it. I will take the punishment." he replied smiling. "Were here." he said. I looked up and smiled. I still had the tape across me hands. "Grrrrrrrr!" I stated. "What?" he asked curiously. I held up my hands and he helped me. once it got to the last layer, he ripped it off "Ahhhhhhhh! It hurts! It really really hurts." I said. "Oooops sorry. I am so used to doing that to Louis...........wait, you just mocked Louis." he replied. I smiled and got out of the car so I wouldnt get lost in his amazing eyes. I opened up the door to the house. I couldnt find Liam. I went up to my room and opened the door slowly. I saw him crying in his hands. He looked up from his hands and stood up from the bed. "Sammi?" he asked I nodded as tears became to fall down my face. I ran and jumped up on Liam and started kissing him.


Liam's POV~

I stood up from Sammi's bed. Tears still falling down my face. "Sammi?" I asked. She nodded as tears fell down her cheeks. She smiled and ran up to me. She started to kiss me. I smiled and I could feel her smiling too. I asked for an enterance and she gladly let me enter. I was smiling like an idiot now. I was stiing down on her bed with my girl. Her legs around my waist. I liked this. Alot. It has been 5 minutes of making-out and she released to get a breather. "I love you babe" I said. "I love you more" she replied. "Nope. I dont think so." I was just about to kiss her again, then Louis barged in along with Louisa. "Sammi, we've missed you!" they both said in unison. I smiled and gave her a hug. "My girl." I said to her. She smiled and kissed me. I kissed back, but harder than she did me. Louis and Louisa both left the room and I laid down with Sammi in my arms still kissing her. I asked her for an enterance and she gladly accepted. We kept on going, and going, and going.


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