Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


51. I gotta cold

Sammi's POV

I went to bed feeling amaZAYN! I am marrying Liam!

-I was walking down the aisle wearing a blue and green dress, it went past my knees my top half was covered in blue and my bottom half was covered in green. It was beautiful. I made my way down with my head held high. I was smiling like an idiot. Then I saw Liam smiling at me. I made my way next to him and said our vows. Right when we were walking back, I was being duct taped and pulled away from Liam. He tried to chase after me but the person kept on running with me. I was handed down to a guy and then he put me in a pink polk-a-dot van then took me away. Liam kept running after the van then when we got to where the kidnappers wanted to put me, they took me out and revealed themselves then stabbed me in the arm and in the leg. I cried out in pain, then the girl kissed Liam.-

I was woke up by water being poured on me. I shot open my eyes and I saw Liam and the others. "Babe why are you crying?! You wouldnt wake up." Liam said as he sat next to me. "Nightmare. And you kissed a girl that kidnapped me after she stabbed me. I dont wanna talk. I just wanna die." I replied taking deep breaths and started to sneeze and cough. "You gotta cold." he said and gave me a hug. "You are not going to die. You are going to live while your young." he continued. "I am freezing!" I said in deep voice while sniffling. Then I was being wrapped in a big hug. "Thanks. I am so tired." I said then me and Liam layed back down. I dozed off.

I woke up to people talking. I kept my eyes shut. "Just get her and lock her up." I heard a girl say. I nudged Liam. "Mhm?" he replied in a tired voice. I leaned over to him and hugged him. "People are here. They wanna kidnap me." I whispered loud enough for only me and him to hear. "They are awake! Run!" I heard the girl say. "And grab the girl!" she continued. I was being taken away by them. "LIAM!" I yelled. "You are going to suffer." the girl said to me as she revealed her mask. It was Chloe. Then I was dragged out of the room.


Liam's POV

My girl is gone. I quickly got up and ran out the door. I saw her being put in a car. "I WILL FIND YOU!" I yelled out to her as the van was being droven off. I ran as fast as I could after them. I called up the guys. I was sent to voicemail. Gosh! I called over and over again until one of them picked up. It was Niall. "Niall!" I said through breaths. "SHE'S WHAT?! WE HAVE TO FIND HER!" he yelled. "Bring the car...and know..." I replied and passed out. I cant loose her. Not now. Not ever. I need Sammi. Forever and always.


Sammi's POV

I was in the back of the van with a guy around my age while Chloe was driving. "So...I never wanted to do this to you." the guy said. It sounded like...Zayn? "Then why did you? And who are you?" I asked stubbernly. "I am Zayn...and I did because I still love you." he replied. "So lemme guess...revenge?" I asked. "Ya." he replied and kissed me. "I love revenge. Now that your with me...I can do whatever I want." he continued. I looked at him with scared eyes. I am so scared.

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