Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


20. Hunger Games

Louis' POV
I wen't to Louisa's bedroom to tell her the news, but she was asleep. I slipped into bed with her, wrapping my arms around her waist, it felt so right just being with the girl of my dreams

"Loulou I love you so much more than anything in the world!" I whispered
"Louis you cheeseball" Louisa answered with a smile on her face

Then she kissed me on the lips then I told her what happened with her dad she smiled and continued kissing me it was magical then someone opened the door, why does it happen all the time. Everytime I have a good time with the girl I love, someone always interupts. When I turned to see who it is it was Sammi she was crying. I went over to her

"Louis can I talk with Louisa for a while?" Sammi asked
"Sure ill leave you two alone now." I said while leaving the room. I was thinking what in the world happened now?!?

Sammi's POV
I wen't to Louisa's room to discuss something. When I got in I saw how happy they was like an old married couple, such a cute relationship. It just made me break down into tears. I asked Louis to leave so that I could talk with Loulou. He did leave.

"You and Louis look so cute together, I wish I would have a relationship like that." I said with my eyes really puffy cause of crying
"You do have a relationship like that with Harry." Louisa answered
"Well thats the thing I want to talk about, it happened this morning, and I need a girl to talk about this" I said

(This Morning)

I woke up with breakfast in bed, it was from Harry I love this boy, but I still really like Liam. Its just so hard to choose now. I have to break one guy's heart, but I love them both. I started to eat breakfast. Louis is still fussing about Louisa's insecurity cause of her dad, I mean whou would blame him it would acctualy be really sweet if a guy really cares about you. We were playing truth or dare, while Lou is following up on the investigation, and Louisa in her room (I hope not cutting). We got a bit bored while playing this, later Liam asked me to go to the kitchen with him and I followed.

"Sammi, listen I really like you I know that your with Harry now, but I still have feelings for you, all I'm saying is that I still love you" Liam said with tears running down his face
"Liam I still love you too but I really love Harry too" I said

Liam looked really happy. He leaned in an kissed me I tried to pull away but he was pulling me closer. When we pulled away I slapped his face. I wen't outside, I saw Harry his face looked like he've been crying. I really hurt his feelings

"Sammi you have to give me a straight answer Liam or me" Harry said while tears where running down his face
"I-I dont know I love you both I just can't choose" I said then I ran up to Louisa's bedroom


I told Louisa everthing that happened today, about Harry, Liam just everything. She looked at me like she couldn't say anything she tried to say something, but she kept swallowing her words

"Well tell me what you think about these two boys first Harry" Louisa said with a serious tone
"Well Harry can cook, he can make you laugh, if only looks could kill, he could kiss really well and he can make you feel really happy" I said not knowing what to say
"Okay then tell me about Liam" Louisa stated
"Liam is so cute, he's smart, he can make you feel like your the only person in the world and he can love you for the rest of your life." I answered
"Well my summary is would you want to be with a person who can make you feel happy or a person that can make you feel like your living in a perfect world?" Louisa said
"I Dont Know!, I love them both, I cant choose!" I said
"Well what kind of decision making do you want the fun one which doesn't require thinking or the one where you have to think long hours just to make the perfect decision?" Louisa asked
"I want the fun one but-" Louisa cut me off before I could finish
"Shush shush my dear Sammi ive got it all acording to plan all they have is to prove their worthy to date me best friend" Louisa said with a little evil grin on her face

Ever since I met Loulou she used to prank the people who cross her, and some girls go to her for advice and sometimes she makes decision making fun. She made a guy do everything do everything for a girl to prove them worthy and until now their still together. I like Loulou's advice it always works! I wonder what in the world is she gonna do now. She pulled me down to announce something to the others.

"Excuse me all of you may I please have your attention!" Louisa stated

They all looked at us and Louisa went up on a chair

"Okay, okay guys I want to announce that Sammi is having guy problems-" I punched Louisa in the stomach
"Aww Sammi, okay back to the point Sammi wants a fun time making the decision making you boys have too proove yourselves worthy.
"Oh no!" Harry and Liam said in unison
"But wait it gets better you have to under go a series of tests which I have prepared for both of you, and this project will be called Hunger Games!, so may the odds be ever in your favor! And Sammi awww!" Louisa said
"You know that was kinda a great plan!" Louis commented
"Yeah and the first test is to make the best lunch for Sammi and it starts now!" Louisa said

They runned into each other a few times, ive gotta admit Louisa is a genious!
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