Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


26. Him or Him?

Louisa's POV
Louis just broke my heart, but I have Zayn with me right now. So much drama happened already. Then my phone rang it was Sammi

"Hello?" I said
"Louisa! We need you now!" Sammi yelled
"Why?!?" I asked worriedly
"It's about Louis dudet he made a huge mistake and now he's gonna jump from a building!" Sammi said
"Huh which building?!?" I said
"Around three blocks from there, hurry up!" Sammi said
"Zayn come with me I think Louis is gonna commit suicide!" I said
"What?!?" Zayn said
"Just go with me!" I said pulling Zayn's wrist to his car

The car ride there was quite. I arrived at the building I saw Louis at the very top!

Louis' POV
I made a huge mistake I love her and I shouldn't never let her go! Hiw could I be this stupid! I let the girl of my dreams slip away to my best mate. Theres nothing I caqn do now, but say goodbye to the world

Louisa's POV
"He's on the VERY top of the building!" I shouted
"Well he did make a HUGE MISTAKE!" Sammi shouted back
"The question is how are we gonna get him back on the ground?!?" Liam said
"I know how!" I said

I rushed into the building. Rushing through the stairs, until I got to the very top.

"LOUIS DONT DO IT!!" I yelled
"I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE!" Louis yelled back

But he jumped off the building. I caught him by the wrist. He tried to go free, but I had a dead tight grip on him. Louis' weight got me off balance, then I fell. I only caught the tube hanging from the building.

"I WONT" I yelled back

I was about to loose grip, then I felt a hand. It was Zayn he helped us up.

"I see why Louis loved and still loves you now" Zayn said
"Why did you do it, why didn't you let me go?" Louis asked me
"I don't know I'm always there for my friends!" I said
"So what now?" Zayn asked
"Beore that so Louisa whats our relasionship status now? Louis asked
"I guess we're friends" I said
"Yeah friends" Louis said then he hugged me

We went down from the building. Harry and Niall ran towards me then they both gave me a tight hug.

"Louisa don't ever scare us like that again'' Niall said
"And Louis what in the world were you thinking?!?" Harry said then he slapped Louis in the face
"Well I still kinda like Louisa, until now" Louis said
"We like her too!" Niall and Harry said in unison
"Don't we have a love pentagon!" Liam and Sammi yelled in unison
"Not funny guys!" Zayn shouted in my defense

I was really thinking who am I gonna choose Louis who broke my heart, Zayn who is my sweet boyfriend now, Harry a sweet flirt or Niall a cute leprechaun. Its just so hard I need Sammi for this!
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