Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


4. Girlfriends

Sammi's POV
Liam asked me if I could be his girlfriend Yes Liam of course; I answered with a big smile on my face He held me close our foreheads touched ;Sammi I really like you; Liam said I could feel the chills going up my spine. He kissed me it felt like NUCLEAR BOMBS or maybe even FIREWORKS the feeling was incredible, he asked for a entrance which was happily granted, then I realized I was making out with Liam Payne the boy of my dreams, wait how about Harry I like him too. When we pulled away I saw Harry at the doorstep he looked a bit heart broken does he like me?
Louisa's POV
I woke up on Louis' lap. Gosh I really like this boy but I would'nt really suite him Louisa can I talk to you; Louis asked Yeah sureI said In PRIVATE Louis said We went to my room So Louis what do you want to talk about?; I asked ;Louisa I really like you ever since I saw you, I hated the way you were crying, I mean all I want to say is that I have feelings for you more than any girl in the world even more than Eleanor, So can you please have the honor of being my girlfriend?; Louis asked I had tears developing in my eyes Louis is the sweetest boy ever, no boy ever said that to me ;Yes Louis with all my heart Yes; I said Louis grabbed my waist then he kissed me it's just the best feeling ever being kissed by my idol. We pulled away to get some oxygen. I didnt know that the boys were taking photos of us ;Come on guys give us a break Louis said ;Aww thats sweet Lou I said when are you two love couples gonna make a public appearance; Zayn asked Tonight Louis said ;WHAT?!? Me and Sammi said in unison ;Where?; I asked ;TWITCAM!!!; Louis yelled ;When?; Sammi asked ;Nowwww Liam said We got Harry's laptop we started twitcam Hello everyone We all said in unison we have a important anouncement to make Niall said We're here to introduce our girlfriends!! Louis and Liam said in unison This is Sammi" Liam said while pointing to Sammi ;And this is the lovely Louisa!; Louis said pointing to me And if you dont believe them!; Harry said Louis pulled me close to him and he kissed me and Liam did the same thing So we present to you guys our beautiful and talented girlfriends!!!; Louis and Liam said together ;thats all for tonight Niall said ;Byeeeee we all said together Then I didnt know The Boys were uploading the pictures they took of me and Louis and Sammi and Liam. Later I got more folows on twiter and some bad tweets I kinda like seeing bad tweets cause you can imagine them really mad and you could imagine the look on their faces. In anyways I have a awesome boyfriend called Louis Tomlinson and Sammi has the rockin fantastic Liam Payne it was just an awesome night.
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