Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


12. Fire!!

Louis' POV
"Yeah Im fine mate" Liam said with tears rolling down he's eyes

I was hugging Liam. When Louisa needed to go to the girls bathroom to do her buisness. When I hard an alarm go off we quickly ran to the exit. I tried to stay but they were pushing me. I looked back to the building it was on fire.

"Louis there's nothing we can do!" Niall said
"There is!" I said

I ran into the building Im shouting Louisa's name, when I heard a yell

"HELP ME!!" I heard

I rushed over to the person who was yelling, it's Louisa

"Louis what in earth are you doing here, you'll get hurt" Louisa stammered
"its ok if I get hurt as long as you live" I said

I carried her to the exit an ambulance was waiting. I looked back to the building something exploded. Who would have done this?

Harry's POV
I saw Louisa in Louis' arms. Who could have done this and why? I quickly took a look on my phone my step-dad texted me

Dad:Danielle and Eleanor are not your problems anymore
Me:What did you do?
Dad:I was'nt really gonna kill them I was just going to visit them to let them know they're going to have death penalty, when I got there Danielle was pointing a gun at me and she shot it but it missed. My partner got his gun and shot her but Eleanor grabbed the gun and shot my partner so I killed them
Me:Oh, Dad the hospital where we are now is burning since its not El and Dani who did it who could it be?
Dad:Okay son ill get to the bottom of this
Me:Thanks dad

I told the boys what happened to El and Dani. They were all suprised to hear the news I guess we all might have thought they were the culprit (again) Who could have done this?

Louisa's POV
My body hurts everywhere, but luckily I only suffered first degree burns. I looked over to Louis, why am I so lucky, I mean to have a boyfriend that would sacrifice his life just for you and- my thoughts were interupted by my phone. I looked at it and it was him my ex-boyfriend is calling me I went over to Louis so that he would hear our conversation.

BF:Hey Louisa do you remember me?
Me:Of course who would'nt remember a wreched beast?
BF:aww that's cute I know all about your life now about One Direction and your new boyfriend, Im gonna tell you now that I was the one who burned the building and my friend who is also known as Sammi's ex-boyfriend will call her too.
Me:Why are you telling me all this and why the hell did you burn down the building?
BF:Its just a reminder of what me and my friend can do and to prevent this from ever happening again you have to break up with your boyfriend and go with us again or else we would KILL your boyfriend and your friends too

He hung up. Louis is looking at me blankly, while Im in tears he is hugging me. Why what have I done wrong to deserve this?

"Whats his name?" Louis asked with anger in his voice
"He's name is Michael" I managed to say

I'm crying right mow I don't know what to do first Eleanor and Danielle now this whats gonna happen next? What am I gonna do I'm putting the only guy I really loved and my best mates in danger. Ughh why does my life have to be this complicated?
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