Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


10. Dream

Sammi's POV
I felt so scared I dont know what to do I wont be able to walk EVER AGAIN! So I let out a loud scream.

(What Really Happened)
Harry's POV
Sammi was just walking over me. I heard a loud BANG!!! it sounded like a fireworks, when I looked over to Sammi she shot in the leg. I know that she's Having a bad dream she was twisting and turning in my arms. She was loosing blood fast so I couldnt tell the boys I just left.

Liam's POV
I couldnt see Sammi anymore I wonder where she is I went over to Zayn if she saw her

"Zayn have you seen Sammi?" I asked

"She told me she was going to talk to Harry." Zayn answered

I walked away. I got my phone and started to text Harry

"Harry where are you and Sammi?" I texted

"Liam we're in a hospital Sammi got shot in the leg!!" Harry texted back

"ill be there in a minute!!" I texted

Almost instantly after I texted Harry I heard a loud sound, it sounded like a gun shot when I looked back I saw Louisa in Louis' arms they were rushing over to me


"Sure, sure Lou" I answered

The boys are hot in my tail in the car. We arrived to the hospital. Louis quickly rushed to get Louisa some treatment I went to Sammi's room she screamed loudly I quickly went beside her and woke her up

"LIAM!! I Love You So Much!" She said

What kind of person would do this, the girls suffered alot already

Louis' POV
I rushed her to a hospital. They treated her to get the bullet out and to make her stop bleeding. When it was over I quickly went to her and woke her up

"Louis!! Your here I want you to know I Love You!!" she said

She kissed me on my lips, then we hugged I love her too much I could never let this happen again!
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