Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


22. Contest #2- Have a Great Day!

Niall's POV
"It's me Sammi I like you too" I answered
"Welcome to the club, Niall!" Harry shouted in a loud voice
"Do I hear another competitor?!?" Louisa said zapping out of her trance from talking from Louis
"Yeah I guess, I am" I exclaimed
"Well Niall first tell me who is the winner of round one?!?" Louisa stated
"It's gotta be, Harry!" I said
"Yes! Yes! Victory!" Harry yelled
"Okay then Harry has one point, and we have a new competitor Niall Horan!, Niall welcome to the Hunger Games once again May the odds be ever in your favor, Happy Hunger Games!" Louisa annouced with a announcer voice
"Okay now for your second challenge, you three have to make the remaining day the most awesome day ever!" Louisa said

Sammi's POV
Our next challenge was too make the best day ever for me! Woah this has kinda is getting outta hand, three I mean three fudging boys from One Direction are gonna make this day the most awesome day ever. Thank you Loulou! I wonder what their gonna do for me now?!?

Louisa's POV
"Now we have to ask Sammi what she want to do for the rest of the day" I said
"Well I really want to go to the carnival" Sammi said
"Okay then you guys better practice your carnival skills and we leave NOW!" I said

I walked over to Lou. He looked really happy he sorta gigling too

"Hey whats so funny?!?" I asked
"Well your so-. How am I gonna explain this, well umm your incredible. Your making this day the most best day for Sammi" Louis answered
"Well my job is not yet done I need to get the reamaining boys girlfriends to make them feel really special, to make them feel important in somebody's life" I said
"Aww your sweet Loulou!" Louis said while punching me playfully on the arm
"I know right!" I said
"Ahh that is Louisa!" Louis said
"Come on guys lets go to the carnival!" I heard Liam yell. They acually left us!

Harry's POV
I'm not the greatest person who can win things for a girl. I normaly can but around her I get nervous, well winning the first challenge is an advantage, but how am I gonna prove myself now especially with Niall and Liam in the picture!

Niall's POV
I kinda like Sammi too I mean she's perfect and all that, but I'm competing with Harry and Liam. This js gonna be hard

Liam's POV
I never thought Niall would like Sammi. I know she's perfect but I mean, you'll understand. I just really like her What do I do now?!?

Sammi's POV
We got to the carnival. We split up into groups me, Niall, Harry and Liam and Louisa, Zayn and Louis. I'm pretty sure Louisa is kinda upset cause she doesn't get much alone time with Louis

We first went to a rude it was a merry go round. I went to the white unicorn the boys were running after the seat beside me, it was a funny sight to see. Harry won he sat beside me it was kinda awkward there were absolutly no Directioners or Directionators trying to get near us I wonder why. For now all I have to focus on is to find a perfect guy.

The ride was already going round and round. Sooner Harry was holding my hand it was pretty sweet, after the ride he leaned over to me and kissed my cheek, boy that was romantic a few points for Harry!

Next we went to the arcade section it so happens there was laser tag. Awesome! so far I'm having the best day ever. We were all against each other, so this is gonna be a intense game! I fiest saw Harry I shot him right at the back. I could hear that he was whispering curse words. Next I found Niall he was clueless where the others were. I shot him straight at the chest, before he could see who did that I ran to the second level. I havent notice that Liam and Harry were up there too. I felt a hand pulling me at the side it was Liam

"Hey Sammi whats going on?" Liam asked
"Well I'm kinda winning" I said in a happy tone
"Good jod Sammi well heres your prize" Liam said

He gave me a kiss on the cheek, then he shot me at the arm. I pretended that I really got shot
I fell on the ground until I gained power again. I saw Liam again at the lower level and shot him at his back. He looked up and saw me he was running after me until the buzer rang, time was up. I looked up I saw the boy pointing their guns at me. I was laughing at their faces

"Why isn't it working anymore?" Niall said
"Don't you remember time is up guys!" I said

We went to look at our scores. I won I only got shot thrice on the arm! The others got a shot at the back from yours truly! Liam ecelled in this part. Next we went to the different booths Harry and Liam took a shot at ring in the hoop game but both failed. Then Niall he suceeded he got a huge teddy bear, and gave it to me and kissed me on the cheek that was sweet.

Then I heard alot of screaming. I saw Louisa, Zayn and Louis run by us yelling "Run! Run!". When we looked back there were about hundreds of girls screaming. We started running. My shoe lace got untied so I fell the boys were long past me, but I saw Liam comming back for me. He carried me bridal style until our car. Gosh if it werent for this boy I would be trampled over by hundreds of girls. I know who won this challenge already

We got back to the house.

"Okay now Sammi tell me who won this round?" Louisa asked
"Well it is quiet obvious, its Liam!" I said
"Yeah I won!" Liam said while jumping for joy

This day was the best day ever
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