Soul Mate

Louisa and Sammi are Directioners who somehow ended up being 1D girlfriends. There will be alot of obstacles to undergo will they suceed being happy with the boys or will someone get in the way
You'll only find out when you read it :3


28. Betrayed

Louisa's POV
Sammi's phone was ringing so I decided to throw it to her but it hit her making her pass out.

"Oh My Gosh Sammi I'm so sorry I didn't mean-" I said but Sammi woke up laughing
"Hahaha you fell that I mean seriously, anyways who was texting?" Sammi asked
"I don't know" I said Sammi took a look at her phone.
"No it couldn't be!" Sammi said
"Why who is it?" I asked
"Its your brother Leo!" Sammi stated
"Wait what I thought he forgot all about me and hates me!" I said
"Well take a look it says here "Louisa listen father didn't tell you this before but you have a serious heart problem and you have to get away from anyone who tries to hurt you. Call me if you need anything!''" Sammi stated
"What in the fudge does he mean by heart problem!" Liam stated
"So when I was younger the unique sounds from my heart were indi-indicating heart problems!" I stammered out
"Ya it's ok it might have gone away!" Sammi said trying to cheer me up
"This is bad really bad!" Louis said
"So lets take our minds off this-" Niall didn't finish my phone started to ring it was a text

"this is Sammi's father I will take her back away from all of you and I'm gonna start of with you. I know your little secret about your heart and your brother is dead! I killed him that's why Sammi recieved a message so say goidbye to your friends and tonight you are gonna die of a 'heart attack!"

I told everyone what was in the message.

"Okay tonight we get all the security we have and station them all around the house to keep us all safe!" Liam said
"Wait! Why do this for me?" I asked
"Cause you are gonna get murdered!" Louis declared
"But I'm gonna die anyway maybe a few months from now I might not even turn twenty!" I said
"Dont say that!" I heard Harry say

I left the room and went to my bedroom to think. I have a heart problem and I might die. What did I ever do to deserve this?

Liam's POV
I never thought of this but I think I'm falling for Louisa it's the other way around this time.

"Guys we're stilling pulling off this plan whether she likes it or not!" I said
"Agreed!" they all said in unison

It was night. We all agreed not to sleep. Then a few moments later we heardb a scream. It was comming from Louisa's room

Louisa's POV
I was sleeping in my room. I opened my eyes there was a man in my room. I screamed as loud as I could. He grabbed my arm tight. His nails dug in causing it to bleed. I quickly punched him in the face I ran to the corner of my room, then the door swung open revealing the boys. I noticed there were no security. I ran to my window, while the boys were holding him off. I could see all security dead. When I looked back the boys had him dead. We took off his mask. It wasnt Sammi's dad but it was my brother! I knew he would betray me. Now I feel depresed I just realized all my family members left me alone my father try to kill me, my mum left for a new family and now my brother try to kill me. The only person in my family who really cared for me was my grandmother, Sammi and Sammi's mum I'm not sure about the boys but I'm sure thise three people were there for me. I looked down there was a man an older man. As I look back to my room I saw Sammi hostaged and the boys no where to be seen. I felt a bag on my head. Then we were dragged in to a compartment of a car it was a thirty minute drive till we got there. My hands and legs were tied on a chair when they removed the bag of my head I saw the boys and Sammi.

"Hello Louisa!" Someone said in a feminine tone it was my mum
"Mum is that you" I said
"You know you've always been a pain. Ever since I went away from you and your brother I was always incriminated for doing that. Some people saying that I'm a bad person and some not even taking me in for a job, so its all your fault thats why I'm helping your friend's dad in doing this. I wonder how your Grandma cared for you wretched brat, and her death wasn't natural I food poisoned her thats why she died!" My own mother said
"She isn't a brat she's a good friend she never would hurt anybody!" Liam yelled in my defense
"You brat how could you talk to me like that!" my mum said. Then she got a tazer abpnd started electrucuting Liam
"Stop! Stop! What did they do to deserve this it's me who you really want let them go!" I said
"Fine you care for them then all their mistakes will be charged on you even Sammi's agreed?" Mum said
"Agreed!" I said
"Sammi you wreched brat how could you choose this kind of a friend she is worth nothing!" I heard a older male voice say
"She isn't worthless!" Sammi said back

Sammi's dad was about to taze her, but my mum redirected the tazer to me. I remembered what we agreed upon so I took the punishment without any complains

"We agreed to let her suffer and not her friends so give her the punishment!" My mum said
"Okay then" Sammi's dad said. He punched me in the face and ribs
"DONT!!" Louis yelled
"Dont what? Hero" My mum said then she tazed Louis
"Stop it! Tell me what you really want!" Sammi said
"I want to see you two suffer or maybe one of you could die!" My mum said
"Then why dont you kill me and not to let them suffer anymore!" I said
"So our little brat is volunteering to die!" My mum said
"Yes I am!" I said
"Well then untie her and escort her too our torturing chamber!" Sammi's dad said as my own mum was untieing the knots

When I was untied I imedieatly hugged the boys and Sammi

"ill see you on the other side guys live a happy life, I love you all!" I said
"Awe who would break up this sweet sight, oh wait I would!" I heard my mum say. She dragged e by my hair
"No Louisa No!" I could hear them scream

I entered the torturing chamber. It was just an empty room I guess they wanted me to fight back. They locked the door that was the only way in and out of here.

"So this is the end of you!" Sammi's dad said

Then they started beating me and ellectricuting me I screamed of pain, but it was all worth it it was for all my loved ones to make them safe.

Louis' POV
I'm still crazy in love with this girl. I heard screams of pain and torture. I couldn't do it anymore I can't hold back what I'm feeling. I broke the ropes that held me back to the chair. I untied the others too. I tried kicking the door down but it wouldn't break down.

"There's no use, we can't go out of here!" Liam said
"There is if we just try!" I said
"Your still crazy in love with her aren't you?" Liam said
"Yes forever and always!" I said
"I can't do that I can't take care of her like that, youre better of with her" Liam said
"You really think so" I said
"Yeah as long as you don't break her heart again or else we would kill you!" Liam said

We heard a long scream of pain. I snapped out of it and I called everyone to help me knock the door down it worked. We got to the room where we heard screaming. We knocked the door down. Louisa was unconcious on the ground the boys and Sammi were holding them of. I went over to her.

"Louisa!" I said out loud
"She's dead!" I heard her mum say as she was pinned on the ground by Zayn
"Louis just remember I will always love you forever and always" Louisa said she pulled me in for a kiss then I pulled away it was over she was gone but still alive. As I looked back they were still fighting them. I joined in and I punch the two of them in the face. Sammi tossed me her phone and called the cops then she got hit at the head she fell on the ground. The cops came and broke everthing up. We took the girls to the hospital.
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