thats his legacy to me

this one is about my great grandfather who was a freedom fighter he used to tell me stories about how they used to go against the britisher and how india became free he is no more now but his memories are surely with me


1. that is his legacy to me

it was a long time ago

probably three years or so

but those memories are still kept deep in my eyes

his memories though i met him just once or twice

he would hand a book to me and say this is for you

i have written it some day you will write too

for the country and its lost soul

for the freedom fighters like me and their lost goals

in the light of a lamp i would read

the stories at a fast speed

i could never understand him completely then

but i got to know him when

i saw his eyes shining bright

when he told me about how he joint the freedom fight

do whatever you can he said

for the country, every time before i went to bed

he was strong, thoughtful and wise

but one day he took me by surprise

as he cried

when he spoke about how his wife had died

then it was my instinct to hold his hand

now i understand his contribution to help me stand

his thoughts and his morals engraved deep in my heart

i always felt this from the start

i never told anyone how much i missed him too

it is just a secret kept in my heart a feeling that is only and only true

in his eyes

i saw a dream come alive

a dream he and others had seen

about this country and how beautiful it had been

i guess it is good he is not here anymore

he would think his contributions were in vain for sure

he lived for his country and to mend its soul

to fill up the hole

of corruption and untouchability

to replace it by humanity

so that is a legacy

his legacy to me

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