Imagines :D

As the title says here is a collection Imagines - Just ask if you want one tell me your name, hair colour, eye colour and who you want it with! If you have an idea you can also tell me the situation so you have more choice. You can add other details if you like!


53. Zayn Malik for onedirectionzayn

You have your popcorn, your coca-cola and your boyfriend Zayn. You are now ready to watch X Factor. You both love the X Factor and if it wasn't real, Zayn wouldn't be where he is today. It is a weekly organized event on a Saturday when X Factor is on. You both absolutely love it.

Every Saturday you lay down and cuddle each other on the sofa bed together. Your pet dog Paul normally joins you on the sofa as well! As the programme started Zayn took a few handfuls of popcorn and dropped it all on your head. You looked at him and made an angry face. You grabbed some popcorn and crunched it up in your hands before crumbling it over his head.

Then you tip a little bit of coca-cola (with ice) over the top just to finish off. He widens his eyes as you scoop the ice out of his cup. You start tipping it down the back of his shirt and he makes funny noises. You can tell he is going to get you back for this some when. You jump up of the sofa before he could do anything to you.

His ran past you, getting a tub of strawberry and vanilla ice cream. He dipped his finger in and sat down beginning to eat it. You just couldn't resist the smell so you lean over his shoulder and grab a bit. He smears a bit of ice cream on your nose just to prove something. You hit him on the head playfully before sitting back down next to him.

He wouldn't do anything tonight because he just wants to watch X Factor. As you sit down and rest your head on Zayn's shoulder, you can feel something being put onto your head. You check by patting  your hand on your head and you can feel a soft cold lump of something.

"No you didn't" I question in a pissed off jokey way. Hoping that what I felt wasn't there. I dipped a finger into the gooey mess realizing he had but ice cream in your hair.

"Oh, it was an accident" He looked at me with puppy eyes. It was going to be a long night!

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