Imagines :D

As the title says here is a collection Imagines - Just ask if you want one tell me your name, hair colour, eye colour and who you want it with! If you have an idea you can also tell me the situation so you have more choice. You can add other details if you like!


11. Zayn Malik for isn't-he-lovely

You have been eating at a restaurant with your family but you needed to go to the loo. While you were washing your hands, the door swings open. 
"Harry, where are you" He shouts
When no-one replies he begins looks at you with confusion in his face. He starts to walk towards you. 
"Hello B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L" He whispers into your ear. 
You reply "Your in the wrong loo mate" 
Without thinking you tilt you head and lean in to him. He does the same. You begin to kiss. He carries you into one of the loos whilst kissing you. It was the best feeling. This boy didn't know your name and you didn't know his but it doesn't matter. You have your hand in his hair. His hand supporting your back. With your spare hand you lock the door.  You could stay like this forever! It gets more intence as closes the toilet lid and sits on it. He picks you up and puts you one his lap. You wrap your legs around his back and continue to kiss.
"My names Zayn" He whispers to you quietly
"My name is Lauren" you whisper back with a smile on your face
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