Imagines :D

As the title says here is a collection Imagines - Just ask if you want one tell me your name, hair colour, eye colour and who you want it with! If you have an idea you can also tell me the situation so you have more choice. You can add other details if you like!


29. Niall Horan for MeganHoran0758

Today you and Niall were flying to Mullingar to meet his family. You had arrived in Mullingar five minutes ago and you were really nervous. "Don't worry babe. They will love you" he says whilst wrapping his arm around your waist. You both grabbed your things from the conveyor belt. You heard a voice call behind you. Maura Horan was standing there, her arms open, happy tears on her face. Niall spun around and he ran towards her as he held trousers up. You smiled at the sight and whipped out your phone, taking a quick photo. 

“Come here, Megan!” Maura waved you over. You walked up to her and she wrapped you in a 'Horan Hug' and you instantly smiled. As you let go of her you are still smiling, your hand intertwining with Niall’s. You grinned brightly and Niall leaned down to whisper in your ear. Next, you walked after Maura and climbed into the car. 'Live While Were Young' came on for its first play. You all sat silent in the car and when Niall's part came on he sang it in his angel voice, stunning you. He was absolutely amazing. You arrived at his house and he helped you out, just like the lovely gentleman he is. Bobby and Greg bounded outside, enveloping Niall in a hug. After introducing yourself to them you go inside. Before long you were in the kitchen with Maura learning some recipes. You spent the next two hours learning Maura’s recipes and helped her make dinner. You served Niall and kissed him lightly.

“Wow. This is delicious!” Niall complimented before shoving some more food into his mouth. Niall took your hand under the table. You blushed lightly and he pulled you to him, giving him a quick kiss. At eating, you offer to help Maura do the washing up and as you begin you start to talk about you and Niall. After, you begin to walk into the dining room but you stop when you hear Bobby and Niall talking. You listen.

“Are you in love with her, son?” 

“Yes, she makes me feel like no-one else has. She doesn't like me for Niall of One Direction. She likes me for Niall, the kid from Mullingar that loves to eat. She’s been there though tours, albums, hate, awards, and even when I get ill. I don’t ever want her to leave.”

“Do you think she's the one?”

“Absolutely. She's my princess.”

You stepped out into the dining room and smile at him. “And you're my leprechaun prince.” 

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