Imagines :D

As the title says here is a collection Imagines - Just ask if you want one tell me your name, hair colour, eye colour and who you want it with! If you have an idea you can also tell me the situation so you have more choice. You can add other details if you like!


31. Liam Payne for Gagan7

You sit next to your best friend Liam as he talks to his girlfriend on the phone.

"No, I didn't mean it like that" He shouts down the phone.

Liam and his girlfriend were out shopping the other day and she said something about some shorts not fitting her and Liam said well your so fat aren't you being sarcastic and before he knew it she was out of the shop before you could say 'Liam Payne'. Next you heard the phone line go 'duhhhh' and liam's eyes began to get watery.


"Come Here" You smile at him, holding your arms out. He shuffled forward and gave you a hug. Before long you are sat under a blanket on the sofa with hot chocolates watching Toy Story to cheer Liam up. You ask him if he wants to stay the night, he says yes. Not long after you go to bed. You both sleep on the sofa's. In the morning when you wake up, liam is led on the opposite sofa staring at you. However you brush it off. You get up and dressed then you decide to go for a walk around town. He was wearing the same worn out jeans as yesterday but he didn't care. You go to the bakery to go and get donuts before sitting down on a park bench to eat. You laugh at each others jokes and you enjoy each others company. He shows you that beautiful smile while he laughs.  "Are you alright with this girl liam" you question him seriously "Yh i'm fine" He snaps at you, he stays quiet for a bit after that, probably feeling bad. You fiddle with your laces on your shoes to distract yourself but you cant stop thinking about her. "She's not right for you" You say "I know who I need" You look at him questionably before he says... "You belong with me"
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