Imagines :D

As the title says here is a collection Imagines - Just ask if you want one tell me your name, hair colour, eye colour and who you want it with! If you have an idea you can also tell me the situation so you have more choice. You can add other details if you like!


55. Harry Styles for Becky11

"I heard you are going to your friend's birthday party from a little birdy" He grins at you as he drags you into one of the dress shops. You dig your feet into the floor but he still manages to pull you along after him. You wonder who told him that.

"Who told you" You reply with puppy dog eyes hoping he would reveal the secrets to you. Instead he just tapped his nose in a secretive way, leaving you totally clueless. You would find out in your own way. You know he is going to spend all of his hard earned cash on you for no reason so you agree with yourself you are going to refuse to get a dress. He pulls you towards a rail of red dresses on.

"What about this one" He says pushing the dress towards you and steering you into the changing rooms. You can't refuse this time so you try it on and shout out a reason to him.

"Too tight" You can hear him sigh. You begin to unzip it before he starts to tell you how much he wants to see you in it and how you would be beautiful in a big bag. He makes you laugh. You zip it back up and walk out of the changing room to see and hear a gasping Harry.

"I told you it was tight" You look at the ground moving your foot around the floor.

"Is not" You hear him say quietly. He dissapears for a second, then he reappears holding three dresses. One of them was a strapless hot pink dress. The second one was purple with gems around the neck, it was strapless as well. The last one was a sea blue colour that is longer at one side. You liked the purple one best but you decided not to let on.

"You like the purple one don't you" He must've seen me smile when I saw that one. I tried it on and he ran to the counter with it before I could say 'Harry Styles' He payed and whizzed out of the shop, me chasing after him.

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