Imagines :D

As the title says here is a collection Imagines - Just ask if you want one tell me your name, hair colour, eye colour and who you want it with! If you have an idea you can also tell me the situation so you have more choice. You can add other details if you like!


54. Harry Styles for Anika Stylesu

"So, do you love me" Harry asks holding your hand. You look into his eyes and he smiles at you, his eyes brighter than you have ever seen them before. He stands up in front of you displaying himself to you. You want to be in this situation forever. This is so funny.

"I love everything about you Anika, your grass green eyes, your bright smile, your lovely blonde hair, everything and by that I do mean every single thing about you babe" He just said something that really touched your heart. He was still waiting for his question to be answered though.

"Hmm, your alright" You reply to him making his smile fade a little bit. 

He pulls you up out of the chair your sat in and he spins you around. You feel like a princess in a Disney movie. You see your blonde hair swing around after you. You feel like Cinderella before she goes back to her normal life. Why would Harry love me anyway you keep thinking to yourself. He should pick a prettier girl who will love him. However, you love to be a little bit hard to get, leading him along on a string. He stops spinning you for a second but in that moment you feel something. A spark. You feel different. 

He starts to lean in to kiss you but you step back scaring him. He apologizes a million times before letting you sit back down on your chair. He sits in front of you on the floor. You start blushing because you find it really cute.

"See your blushing" He says putting one of his hands underneath your chin, making you look at him for a while. You wouldn't look him in the eye though. You kept changing your view to different spots on the floor. He takes your hand and kisses it.

"Okay I love you" You say, ending the chase. He grins cockily at himself, proud of himself. You have loved him since you first met him, this is the first time you had properly admitted it to yourself, him and your heart

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