When Ella Styles goes to stay with her brother Harry and his 4 friends for 3 months, she learns that even though the boys are in a worldwide famous band, they're still human beings.


7. try

Zayns P.O.V

2 weeks passed and me and Ella didn't really talk much. Whenever we did, Harry was there so it was quite awkward. One afternoon, the boys had gone out to Nandos, and me and Ella we're at home. I was on the sofa watching a movie when Ella came down. 'Hey' She smiled. 'Hey' I replied, turning round to give her my attention. 'Feels like we haven't talked for a while' She said. 'I know, it's just..' I trailed off. 'Harry' Ella finished my sentence. I sighed. I really liked her, I mean really liked her. But it couldn't go anywhere because of Harry. I needed to tell her though.

'Listen Ella, I need to tell you something' I said quietly. 'Yes?' She replied, so innocently. ' you..a lot, and I just can't get you off my mind. The way you move, the way you talk, your beautiful face and everything about you, and I don't know what to do anymo-' She cut me off by kissing me on the lips. 'Guess what?' She whispered as she broke away. 'What?' I smiled. 'I feel the same way' She said, before I kissed her again. She wrapped her arms around my neck and played with my hair, as I held her waist. We carried on kissing for a good 5 minutes before I saw Harry standing at the doorway. Again. Ella spun around and sighed. 'Zayn, what th-' Harry started shouting. Ella stood up and walked over to Harry. 'No, no Harry it wasn't Zayn that did this, it was me' She shouted back. 'Because guess what? We happen to like each other, and I didn't realize it was such a crime in your eyes!' She yelled. I stood up, and went over to her. 'He's my bestfriend Ella, if it went wrong it would do so much damage!' Harry shouted back. 'Well then, we'll make sure it won't go wrong! Just give him a chance, Harry!' Ella said, more quietly. 'No, no I can't' Harry said. 'Fine, just don't expect me to be your biggest fan from now on' She whispered, with tears in her eyes before running upstairs. I sighed, and was going to go after her when Niall stopped me. 'I think maybe I should go buddy' He said with a small smile. Louis and Liam exchanged awkward glances, before I grabbed my keys and walked out.

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