When Ella Styles goes to stay with her brother Harry and his 4 friends for 3 months, she learns that even though the boys are in a worldwide famous band, they're still human beings.


12. the L word

Louis' P.O.V

So Zayn 'loved' Ella. I don't know why but that annoyed me a bit. I mean, they're perfect for each other obviously but Ella was so lovely and so beautiful, it was a bit annoying that she was taken already. Because the truth is, I fancied her a little bit. Whenever I saw her my heart melted a little bit and I couldn't take my eyes off her. We talk a lot, we know each other so well. But she's with Zayn.

Ella's P.O.V

I was still laying on Zayn, taking it in. He loved me? He really truly loved me?

Then it hit me. I loved him too. Call me crazy, but those 3 weeks of silence were torture, I think about him 24/7, everything he says and does is perfect. Isn't that love? And he loves me back. I fell back asleep, and woke up in my bed, with Zayn again, but he was sitting up and awake already. 'Good morning beautiful' He laughed, as he kissed me. 'Your awake early' I mumbled, rubbing my eyes. 'Well seeing as it's 3 in the afternoon..' He replied. 'What?Why didn't you wake me up?!' I cried. 'I didn't want to, your cute when you sleep' He laughed. 'Anyway, we're going out tonight' He grinned. 'Oh really, where?'I asked. 'Dinner!' He replied, as he got up and went into his room.

At 7pm, I was ready. I'd curled my long brown hair, done my makeup to perfection, and decided on wearing a simple but cute little black dress and heels. I walked downstairs to see Zayn also looking smart. 'Woah' He gasped. 'What?' I asked, and looked behind me. 'No..its you! You look amazing' He said. Louis was in the kitchen making a sandwich, and came out to see us.



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