When Ella Styles goes to stay with her brother Harry and his 4 friends for 3 months, she learns that even though the boys are in a worldwide famous band, they're still human beings.


10. telling the boys

I woke up in Zayn's arms and smiled as I snuggled in closer. I remembered what Harry had said yesterday, about him being okay with me and Zayn. I heard Zayn yawn, so I turned around and saw him waking up. 'Good morning' I giggled, as I saw him struggling to even open his eyes. 'Tired?' I laughed. 'Very' He replied, as I gave me a quick kiss. 'Want me to go make breakfast?' I asked him. He nodded sleepily. 'Stay here, and try and wake up a bit' I laughed, as I put on a hoodie and went downstairs in my pyjama shorts. There was noone awake, apart from Liam who had gone to visit Danielle for the day and he'd left a note. I got some bacon out the fridge and some eggs and started cooking.

'Something smells delicious' I heard Louis say as he eyed up the bacon and eggs. 'Well, your lucky because it's done' I said, as I piled him a plate full of it. 'Oh my god, this is amazing' He said, as he wolfed it down. I laughed as I gave myself a little bit and sat opposite Louis. 'So, I heard about you and Zayn..'He winked, as he playfully nudged me. I laughed, and blushed. 'Oh, yeah' I replied. 'You go girl! I'm happy for you babe!'He said, in a typical teenage girl gossip voice. We both laughed at his stupid impersonation. Shortly after that, Harry and Niall and Zayn all came down for breakfast. 'Oh my god, this bacon is so good' Niall sighed happily. I laughed at them, and put my plate in the sink. 'I'm gonna have a shower, okay?' I told them, as Zayn caught my hand and smiled. 'I'm fully awake now' He winked. 'Good' I giggled, as I gave him a kiss. 'Ew, okay not at the table thank you' Harry cried as Louis pretended to shield Niall's eyes. I just rolled my eyes and laughed. I was happy everything was working out.

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