When Ella Styles goes to stay with her brother Harry and his 4 friends for 3 months, she learns that even though the boys are in a worldwide famous band, they're still human beings.


9. silence

Zayns P.O.V

3 whole weeks passed and I still hadn't talked to Ella or Harry. I hadn't really talked to anyone. I just stayed up in my room, listening to music. Then, one evening Harry came and knocked on my door. 'Zayn mate, let me in' He said. I ignored him. 'Zayn, its about you and Ella..I think i've changed my mind' He whispered. I shot up, and opened my door. 'Really?Your not joking?'I asked quickly. 'No, i'm not joking. You two seem to really like each other, and this constant silence is making everyone crazy. I think i've been a little bit too overprotective, and i'm really sorry mate' Harry explained. I grinned and hugged him. 'Thanks, it means a lot' I smiled. 'Does Ella know? I asked. 'No, i'm gonna go and tell her now, wait outside her room' Harry said.

Ellas P.O.V

3 whole weeks passed. Three. I hadn't talked to Zayn or Harry. I talked to Louis and Niall and Liam a little bit, but hardly. I was never downstairs, I was just in my room. Then, Harry came and knocked on my door one evening. 'Ella, let me in, I need to tell you something, its about you and Zayn' He said. I was intrigued so I reluctantly opened my door. 'Yes?' I said softly. 'I think i've changed my mind about you and Zayn. I've been a bit too overprotective, and I know that you two like each other, a lot. So, go for it' Harry said with a smile. I hugged him quickly. 'Oh my god, thank you thank you thank you!' I squealed. 'I have someone who wants to see you' Harry said, as Zayn walked in. 'Zayn!' I cried, as he picked me up and hugged me. 'I missed you' He whispered. 'I missed you too' I replied, as I snuggled into him.  'You guys, get a room!' Harry joked. 'This is my room!' I laughed, as I pushed him out. 'Okay, don't have too much fun' He called, as I shut the door and turned back to Zayn, and kissed him. 'You don't know how long i've been waiting for that kiss' He whispered. 'I think I do' I giggled, as he kissed me harder, and we fell back on the bed.

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