When Ella Styles goes to stay with her brother Harry and his 4 friends for 3 months, she learns that even though the boys are in a worldwide famous band, they're still human beings.


5. secrets

Ella's P.O.V

Zayn and Louis came back from the kitchen, but none of us know what it was about. I wanted to know, but I tried to just forget it. 'Well, we're going to get pizza' Niall said. 'Wanna come?' He asked us. 'Sorry, I need to finish unpacking' I replied apologetically. 'It's fine, Zayn you coming?' Louis asked. 'Sorry mate, I think I need to dry off and stuff so i'll give it a miss' Zayn replied. 'Okay, well I guess its just me, Niall, Louis and Harry' Liam shrugged. 'Okay guys, i'll be there in a minute' Harry said. 'I'm going for a shower' I called out, to Zayn and Harry. Halfway up the stairs, I heard Harry whispering again. 'Were you going to try and kiss me sister earlier?' Harry whispered, annoyed. 'No, no..'Zayn trailed off. I heard Harry sigh. 'Well, don't try anything while i'm gone, okay?' Harry muttered, as I heard him slam the front door.

My bathroom was next to my bedroom, not joined like an ensuite, so I had to be careful not to shut the door, because otherwise it locks itself from the inside. I got out the shower and quickly ran to my room, when I saw that someone had shut my door. So there I was, dripping wet, in just a towel. I sighed, and went down the hallway to Zayn's room. I knocked on the door. 'Zayn? Are you in there?' I called. He opened the door, and saw I was in a towel. His eyes scanned down my body and I sighed. 'Zayn, eyes up here?' I said, gesturing to my face. He blushed a bit, and looked down. He wasn't looking too bad himself though, in a towel covering his bottom half, and his top half shirtless. 'Ella, eyes up here?' He mimicked me. I rolled my eyes and laughed. 'Okay, I locked myself out my room do you have a spare key?' I asked. 'Yeah, follow me' He replied. He found a spare key, and we managed to unlock my door. 'Why do we have stupid locks on our doors anyway?' I asked. 'I don't know, privacy?' Zayn shrugged. 'Well thanks' I smiled. 'Feels like we've done this before' He smirked, as I remembered the last time he came in my room we were both wrapped in towels. Then, Zayn stepped towards me like he did before and leaned in. I felt his lips softly touch mine and I kissed him back. I felt his hands round my waist and I smiled. 'Zayn!' I heard a very angry voice shout.

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