When Ella Styles goes to stay with her brother Harry and his 4 friends for 3 months, she learns that even though the boys are in a worldwide famous band, they're still human beings.


23. oh my god

I started crying as I unlocked the bathroom. 'Louis..' I called. He stood up and looked at me crying. His face dropped. 'I'm pregnant' I whispered, through my tears, my whole body shaking as I fell to the floor. 'Hey, its going to be okay Ella, I promise' Louis said, even though he was almost crying himself. 'It's not going to be alright, because that dickhead got me pregnant!' I shouted. Just then, all 4 boys walked in. They had heard me. They knew I was pregnant. I saw Zayn and I screamed at him. 'You absolute dick! You got me fucking pregnant! I hate you!' I screamed, as I lunged at him but I felt Louis hands grab me and pull me back. 'Calm down' He was saying, but I ignored him. The boys were speechless. Every one of them. I kept crying and struggling but soon gave in as Louis picked me up and took me into my room. Once i'd calmed down, I asked Louis to go and get Zayn. 'Are you sure?' He asked, a bit warily. I nodded. Shortly after, Zayn came in. 'Ella...' He said. 'Zayn, shut up' I muttered. 'You got me fucking pregnant, and we finish tour today. Once I have this baby, you will help me out, you will not just leave it without a dad okay?' I told him. He nodded. 'I'm sorry' He said. I actually laughed a bit. 'Too fucking late Zayn' I replied.

Louis and Niall took me to the hospital to get me checked out. I was 7 weeks along. There was a small little bump starting to form, and I smiled at the monitor.

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