When Ella Styles goes to stay with her brother Harry and his 4 friends for 3 months, she learns that even though the boys are in a worldwide famous band, they're still human beings.


19. new people

One afternoon, Zayn came over and sat next to me on the sofa. I was about to get up and move somewhere else but he grabbed my arm. 'Ella..please' He said softly. I sighed and sat down. 'What is it Zayn?' I muttered quietly. 'I just wanted to tell you how sorry I actually am, Ella. I've never regretted anything more in my whole entire life, because I love you so much and I can't believe I was so stupid to get myself drunk and do something like that' He said, his big brown eyes, brimmed with tears. My own eyes started filling with tears. 'How can I trust you again though?' I whispered. I saw Louis standing at the doorway. 'S-sorry' He stuttered, as he stumbled out. I sighed, and wiped my eyes. 'I will do anything Ella, absolutley anything to have you back, because it took us so long to finally be together and I ruined it, and I feel so stupid because i've never loved anyone so much and I can't believe I let myself ruin it' He choked out through his tears, he started sobbing and I couldn't bear it. I wrapped my arms around him, and gave him a hug. I pulled away and held his hands. I looked him in the eyes and kissed him. 'Don't ruin it this time okay?' I whispered, with a smile. 'Oh my god' He whispered, as a massive smile spread across his face, and he kissed me. 'WOOOO!' I turned around to see all the boys smiling and cheering. Apart from Louis? I got up, and went to find him sitting on his bed. 'Hey, whats up?'I asked. 'Nothing' He replied. 'I heard about you and Zayn' He mumbled. 'Yeah!' I smiled. He looked down and sighed. 'Somethings wrong, Louis. Tell me' I said. 'You don't want to know' He replied. 'Yes I do' I urged him on. 'No, you really don't!' He shouted. I backed away. 'Sorry' He whispered. 'It's just.. I love you' I gasped, as I heard 5 other gasps behind me. Louis looked up, as I did and we saw the boys standing there. They all heard what he just said. I heard what he just said. Louis loved me? No no no. This wasn't good. His eyes brimmed with tears as he got up and ran into the bathroom and locked it. 'Louis!' I called as I knocked on the door. All I heard was him crying.

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