When Ella Styles goes to stay with her brother Harry and his 4 friends for 3 months, she learns that even though the boys are in a worldwide famous band, they're still human beings.


16. I don't understand

The tour bus was quite big actually, so it was nice. When the boys went to do concerts and interviews and stuff like that, I stayed here. It was quite nice, to have a bit of alone time.

One night, the boys had gone out to a club, but I wasn't really into that so I stayed at home. At about 1pm, Niall and Louis came crashing in the bus. Very drunk. I laughed at them, and went to help. 'Good night?' I asked. I got a mix of nods and slurred replies. Harry and Liam came in shortly after that. 'Where's Zayn?' I asked. 'He's coming, just go to bed' Louis mumbled drunkenly. 'What?Where is he?'I said,getting worried. 'It doesn't matter, go to bed Ella' Niall slurred. I ignored them, and stepped outside. Now I know why they told me to go to bed. I know why they told me not to go and look for Zayn. Because he was with another girl, snogging the face off her. I stood there, mouth wide open and my voice trying to talk but all I got out was a crackly sound followed by tears. Zayn looked up and saw me. 'Fuck' He muttered. 'Who's this then? Better not be your girlfriend because I'M your girlfriend' The girl he was with giggled out. I just looked him in the eyes, and ran. I ran as far away as possible, past the tour bus, down the road. I heard the others calling my name. I heard Harry screaming at Zayn. I turned around and looked at them, and caught Louis' eye. I let a tear drip onto the concrete floor, and then my legs gave way and I collapsed on the floor. I heard running, and then heard Louis' soothing voice, as he put his arms round me. 'W-why would h-he do this?'I stuttered. 'I don't know babe' Louis replied.

Louis' P.O.V

I can't believe Zayn could be such an idiot! He's so lucky to have her, then he goes and ruins it?! It broke my heart to see her so hurt, so many tears falling down her beautiful face. He really hurt her.

Ella's P.O.V

After a while, me and Louis walked back to the tour bus slowly. 'I don't get it' I said quietly. 'Neither do I' He replied. 'I loved him' I whispered, as I looked up at Louis with my eyes full of tears. I turned around to see Harry try and punch Zayn, but Liam held him back. I looked down, and started to cry even more. 'Please don't cry' Louis whispered, his own eyes filled with tears. 'He's not worth it'

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