Shy love

Hi I'm Dylan. I'm not te most confident person. I never really talk. My parents are strict on studdies. Tey want me to be a lawyer. But I just want to dance. I love to do ballet. It's my life. I get accepted into an arts school but I know my parents won't let me go. I have to take the biggest risk of my life and tell them I'm going to study law. Theres one problem... It's in London. Who knows what my dad will do to me if he finds out.


4. yes!

i watched the concert from backstage. the boys were awesome! they did these twitter question things and one said... "can you show us your favourite dance move?" louis reads out. "ok boys ready? one two three go!" they start doing the inbetweeners dance. i want to laugh  but i am holding it back because louis is looking at me. i go into their dressing room to wait.

an hour later the boys come into the room all chatting. "so whatd you think?" harry asks hopeful. "it was great... and louis was right. you did need dance lessons." i say with a slight laugh seeping through my lips. "oh come on! we arent that bad... are we?" niall whispers the last part and then goes to the fridge over in the corner of the room. "yes! yes you are!" i reply. louis brusheds his hand against mine. he wants to hold it. awww. hes so cute. this isnt like him. i wouldve thought that he wouldve just held it. i take his hand and he looks at me. he looks shocked at first but then he blushes. "we will leave you two alone... louis we will meet you in the car in 10." liam says pushing all the boys out the room after they got all their stuff. "yeah" louis mumbles. "um dylan? i was wondering if you wanted know... go out with me?" omg louis tomlinson from one direction just asked me out!!! ye syes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!! "dylan?" he asks a scared look on his face. scared of rejection.  didnt i say yes? omg i cant talk. i nod. the smile is back on his face. "yes!" i manage to get out.

i look into his lovely eyes as he looks back into mine. i lean in slightly and so does he. at first our lips touch ever so lightly then it is more passionate. my hands go to the back of his neck and he snakes his arms around my waist. i pull back. "maybe you should go to the boys... they would probably want you." i say. "alright. ill text you" he pecks my lips then turns to leave. he looks back and smiles.

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