Shy love

Hi I'm Dylan. I'm not te most confident person. I never really talk. My parents are strict on studdies. Tey want me to be a lawyer. But I just want to dance. I love to do ballet. It's my life. I get accepted into an arts school but I know my parents won't let me go. I have to take the biggest risk of my life and tell them I'm going to study law. Theres one problem... It's in London. Who knows what my dad will do to me if he finds out.


2. He found out

I ran bak home and got changed there. 'Dylan!' my dad calls and barges into the room. 'where did you go?!' he yells again. I don't answer. It gets me into more trouble when I do. 'lay on the fucking bed!' he shouts. I do as he told me to. He climbs ontop of me and slaps my face. My lip bleeds and he abuses me. 

After that he gets off and then locks me in the room. I cry I my bed for a while and then figure a plan out. I have a baby brother. I look after him basically. His name is Jacob.  When he unlocks my door I'm going to leave with Jacob. Jacob and I share a room. 'hey baby. Do you wanna come with me? Get away from Jeff?' a smile forms on his face. Yes! I get my dance bag and another bag from my closet. I fill my dance bag up with my clothes and my dance stuff. And the other bag with all of jacobs stuff. I open one of my drawers under my bed and pull out the money I had saved up for an emergency. I counted it and there was £3000 there. It should be enough till I get a job. 'Ok Jacob lets go. Be very quiet' I whisper. I pick him up and the two bags. I drop te bags down the tree ad carry Jacob down. I run back to the arena. Hopefully those boys weren't there anymore. When we get there my phone buzzes. It never does. I had no friends. The only person I ever talked too was mr Mason. The boys weren't on stage so I sat on one of the chairs ad put Jacob down. 'naw ow ow!' Jacob points to the stage. 'come on lets dance' we walk ver to the stage and I spin him around and dance with him. I smile and put him down. 'don't leave the stage ok jacob' he nods and runs around doing a plane. I close my eyes and stad on my tip toes and dance on my own. Pretending I was dancing with a boy. A few minutes later I felt someone's hands on mine. I thought it was just mr mason. I chuckle. 'whats so funny love?' oh no! It was one of the boys. I open my eyes and stop dancing immediately. I look down. I heard Jacob laughing. I look up briefly and see one of the boys holding him. 'what's your name love?' I'm still looking down. 'Dylan' I mumble. He puts his finger under my chin which makes me look up. His eyes are beautiful. 'this is Liam Niall Harry Zayn and as I said before I'm Louis' he says. I look back down. I notice my sleeves were up so I pull them down. I have fresh cuts and bruises. 'love? Is everything alright?' he asks. 'why are you bleeding?' shit my lip! I forgot. 'daddy!' Jacob laughs. I walk over to a dark haired boy with high hair like a ski jump and take Jacob off him. I don't trust them. 'we don't bite' a curly haired boy says. 'hi Dylan! Your back again!' mr mason walks in. 'so your name is Dylan!' a blonde boy says. I nod. 'boys she is a bit shy' mr mason says. I walk off the stage. Mr mason is having a quiet conversation with them. 'how do you know her?' Harry asks. 'I'm her performing arts teacher' 'wait you taught her to dance like that?!' they were all shocked. 'I taught her the dance but she puts her emotions in it. You can tell what se is feeling when she dances. Like earlier today what did you think she was feeling?' he asks. Trapped. Alone. Restricted. They shrug. 'she looked like she was feeling helpless.' am I that good? How did they know that. I couldn't make out the rest of the conversation. 'Dylan?' mr mason calls once the boys leave. 'who are they?' I ask. 'they're a bit band. One direction. They're doing a concert tonight. You know you don't have to be scared around them. They're not like your dad. They are very grounded down to earth people.' he says. 'why are you here now?' he asks. A tear fell down my cheek. 'he assaulted me. So I took Jacob and ran away.' I set Jacob down again and he runs behind the curtains. 'don't worry he's fine behind there.' mr mason says. 'do you want to dance?' he asks. 'yeah' 'jake!' he calls. It's not a slow song like before it's boom boom by justice crew. Jake pumps the bass up to make it more up beat. I go up onstage and start dancing. Firm and hard moves. And towards the end the bass drops down and I add in a bit of a turn. 'great job!' me mason says. Jacob comes and holds onto my leg. Somme mason points up. I look up above and there are the five boys watching with their mouths open. I blush. 'you performed in front of an audience.' he says. 'without me actually knowing' I mumble. 'dylan. You can talk. Don't mumble' mr mason says. The boys come running down. 'how do you do that?' Louis asks astonished. I shrug. 'can you show us how do dance. We really haven't got any idea how to!' Liam adds. 'really we don't look...' they start doing their signature moves. They actually weren't to bad... For singers. I nod. 'cool!' they yell. 'were gonna be like... Like um...' Harry starts. 'like triple threats!' Liam finishes. 'you have never acted though. Ive seen you on icarly And that isnt acting!' i say. Their mouths drop open. 'she talks!' they cheer. 'hay!' niall pouts. 'awww don't worry! That look doesn't work on me!' I laugh and turn around. I was about to walk off. 'wait! Dylan! Can I get your number?' Louis asks. 'oh sure?' 'you know so we can organise a time to meet up for dance reasons.' i hand him my phone and he hands me his. We put each others numbers in and then I tae Jacob and leave. 

'Dylan. Where are you going to stay' mr mason asks. 'I don't know' 'here come upstairs... Stay here until you find another place.' he offers. 'what? I can't?' 'Dylan. You have a baby. Where are you going to sleep?' 'thanks' I put the bags down and Jacob runs around the bedroom. It was simple. It had a bed and a mirror and a table. 'mr mason? Why are you so nice to people?' that sounded better in my head. He sighs and pulls his sleeve up. 'you too?' he hand scars on his arms. He nods. 'mine aren't as bad as yours' I say. 'because I did these to myself' he says. 'I better go down we have a concert in twenty minutes. You are welcome to hang out with the boys.' He says and leaves the room. My phone buzzes. 'Louis: hi! Are you still here?' 'yeah?' I reply. 'come backstage.' 'k be there in a second.' I go down the stairs and Jacob is following. 'omg thank god you are still here!' Louis says. 'we have a favor to ask you' he adds. 'what is it?' I ask. 'well we Um need a dancer. For our show tomorrow night and we need to find one in the next ten minutes or we have to cancell' he looks at me hopefully. 

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